QT Quarantine Hotel Booking Frustration/Venting/Asking for help

I’ve been trying to book a quarantine hotel for January for a week or more. Yes, I know most of them are booked out, so I tried to research how to book a gov’t quarantine hotel. Whole other story. Can’t be done right now for the times I need, so, in an attempt to be proactive and not shoot myself in the foot in January by not having a play for QT, I’m back to the futile hunt for regular hotels.

I’ve been to every website and called every number that every site says to call. Everyone tries to be helpful, but it’s just one run-around after another. Yesterday, someone transferred me to the damned Taipei police. That was funny.

Today I tried again. Y’all know what I’m talking about. The green site with the black bear. Called for Taipei. “Here, go to this list.” Yes, I’ve been to this list. They’re all booked. That’s why I’m calling you.

I don’t know the next step for a person in this position. No one behind any of these numbers apparently knows, either. Either that, or I’m not explaining my situation correctly.

I don’t care what city I stay in. I don’t. I really don’t.

Does anyone have ANY information about who to actually call or what to actually do? Again, this is all incredibly futile and I’d rather just stay in a gov’t facility, but that can’t be messed with until a day that is stressfully (for me) close to the day I get on a plane back to Taiwan.
Edit: Phew, I was super heated when I wrote this. I’m calm now. I still have all those questions, though. :slight_smile:


It is getting increasingly difficult to book a room. I’ve just booked Hotel Dolamanco for November. I also booked AT Boutique hotel last September.
Both of these were good and very responsive.


I think its safe to say that the Government wont be letting up on Quarantine until after CNY. Rooms are getting scarce, and the prices are going up and up. I suspect that Airfares will be on the rise too.

If you’re flexible, you could consider entering a couple of months later, ideally after CNY. That would solve the availability issue.

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I’ve recently gone through similar. I called the Information For Foreigners hotline (0800-024-111) who gave me an email address for a Foreign Affairs Officer in Taoyuan (where I live). I sent an email and got a prompt and very helpful reply with a list of quarantine hotels, their websites and prices. I just had to provide a numbered wish list of the hotels I liked and my details and he would do the legwork of finding and booking an available room.

The list of 11 hotels he gave me ranged in price from 2,000 to 3,500NTD/day.

His name is Philip Chou 周育震 and his email is s7410455@gmail.com

In the end a former student who now works at a hotel was able to get me a room. But this Philip guy was very helpful.


Thanks so much! I emailed him. :slight_smile: