Quarantine after August?


I just learned that the government program for quarantine hotels is scheduled to end in August and has not been extended for September or October yet.

After that, quarantine hotels will most likely increase in price because the government subsidies end.

Does anyone have more information about this? Are there any talks to extend the program? Or is it already sure that there will be no further extension?

Any other changes likely coming to quarantine with the current program expiring?


That’s interesting, so where are we supposed to quarantine? In Airbnb?

I think he’s referring to the government’s daily subsidy of quarantine hotels, not the quarantine hotels themselves.

Aren’t the quarantine hotels like 3500 TWD per night? So that’s been the subsidised price? Wow.

Yes, exactly. And also wondering if there are more changes coming potentially if the program ends.

Quick update: I asked an agency which was mentioned in another thread about when prices for October will be available. They replied that they should become available next week.

I still decided to go forward with the booking - if prices actually increase, I guess I’ll just have to pay more. No real way around it, I guess. Don’t want to get stuck without a hotel and be assigned one…

The hotel I am planning to book costs NT$ 2,000 per night. Might increase to NT$ 3,000 without the subsidy…

I seem to remember you mentioning somewhere that you’re travelling with your family too, so presumably need multiple rooms. Won’t be cheap!

Mhh, no - just me. So luckily a single room is fine.

But yeah, for those with more people coming, quarantine might get much more expensive than it already is pretty soon…

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Update: Price has increased to NT$ 2,500 for October. Still not really happy about that, but probably not too many other cheaper options.