Quarantine Update with CDC/Police Information

Ok crew, I recently posted about being quarantined and how it happened. I have just had my first call from the government to check in on me and I got a bit of information.

1st - They insisted I provide a friend’s cell number while I was at the airport and then proceeded to call him after midnight because I didn’t have my phone on me (totally my fault there, I broke it a day before I left and was having it repaired).

2nd - After this, the agent who called me (a police officer from a local station) didn’t even end up having my friend’s number and tried to chastise me for having my phone off. I explained the situation and he was very cool after that.

3rd - He questioned my symptoms based on the checklist and asked about my food supply and if I would be able to sustain myself where I was staying. I thought this was excellent work.

4th - Finally, we chatted for maybe 2 minutes and I bitched about how I thought the airport situation was handled poorly and he said “it will only be worse, there are over 10,000 coming in the next 24 hours now”.

This tells me there is no way they have the manpower to manage this, and if they didn’t keep my alternate number then they aren’t trying super hard to reach out to people either. I was a bit paranoid that my friend had not gotten a call. I also had to explain that I didn’t have a temperature reading for yesterday as the package I got my cellphone in contained a thermometer because I simply didn’t own one and wasn’t able to go buy one due to the quarantine. Anyway, all in all it was a fine call - but if there were 200 in the line I was in and maybe 500 before that, but now 10k are coming in? I don’t know how this can be managed. It is clearly being outsourced to local police stations as I have been to the one that I got my call from and I think I actually may have met this officer before because I recognized his English.

That is all, just an update. Godspeed everyone! Fuck this virus!

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