Quiet beach hotel

I am looking to get out of the city for a few days…alone! Ideally, I would love to stay at a hotel that has a beach within walking distance (on the beach would be great), my own room (not hostel), anywhere in Taiwan…kending, islands, north coast…I don’t care where.

I have a project I need to finish and want to spend half of each day in seclusion working and the other half on the beach. Any suggestions? The cheaper, the better :slight_smile:

You might try Huacaoji in north of Hualian. It’s a stone’s throw from the beach. There probably won’t be anyone else on the beach though.

Tel: (03)8612595 0933480829

No. 63 Beisanzhan, Lin 5, Shun’an Village, Xincheng Township Hualian Co.

That’s definitely an option…thanks. Looks quiet and easy to get to. Do people actually swim there? All of the pictures have people on the beach, but no one swimming (but then again, not surprising in Taiwan). Actually, it doesn’t look like a place to swim, and if so that won’t work. Any other thoughts anyone?

Sure, you can swim there.

Another even easier alternative would be Baishawan.

You can stay at 白沙灣民宿 Sun Family

台北縣石門鄉八甲路3號 訂房專線:(02)-2638-3225

No. 3 Bajia Rd. Shimen Township Taipei County.


More of a beach experience kind of place. Plenty of cafes, bars, food etc.

Great suggestion. I have been to 百沙灣, but I didn’t know there was a hotel there. Looks like the perfect place for a quick sneak away. I plan on checking both of these out at some point in the very near future, but other ideas are also appreciated. :notworthy:

I know a place in Jialeshui (on the Pacific side of Pingdong) run by some Taipei twenty-something surf-hipsters. I’ll add the information as soon as I can dig it up.

Any info about places in jiaoleshui would be great. I’ve seen pictures of that area and it looks amazing. This is probably their busy time of the year though.

Here’s a little secret I’ll let you in on :wink: halfmoonbay.com.tw/index_eng.htm

Breathtaking vistas, secluded beach, great rooms

On highway 11 about an hour ? after Hualien

Looks like a great place, Piwackit. Thanks for the link.