Quitting/Getting Fired-ARC Extension-Changing Profession-Still hope for an APRC?

If a “foreign professional” worker’s job is terminated before the end of the contract, whether through quitting or getting fired, I know at some point afterword the work permit and then the ARC becomes canceled. I think it’s possible to get an extension to the ARC after a work permit has been canceled. If that happened, how would it affect someone planning to apply for an APRC? Would the break in the period of work mean they would have to start over? Or is the APRC qualification based on the term of holding the ARC?
I understand being unemployed for 6 months might also affect the income qualification, but let’s say that wasn’t an issue. I’m just interested in finding out if a worker would need to start the 5 year wait over.

Second issue, if a worker changed from working in an education job, where the work permit is issued by the Department of Education, to one in corporate management or other white-collar work, would that affect the 5 year wait period?

I’m thinking the ARC-holder would be fine as long as they continued to hold the same ARC, but I’d like to hear the experience of others.

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I don’t know firsthand, and I can’t guarantee what anyone else says, but I found this:

From August 2014:

From December 2018:

I don’t even have secondhand knowledge about that question, but here’s what one person says (again, I can’t guarantee it):

The quote immediately above, even if accurate, probably doesn’t answer your second question adequately, but that’s the closest I’ve found. Maybe @Dr_Milker, @yyy, @tando, or some other knowledgeable person will see this thread and give you a more detailed answer.

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6 months thing.

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From what ive asked them about and read, no. As long as you maintain some kind of ARC, even a looking for work arc, it will be fine. As long as your annual salary, please read this point: you paid taxes for the the year kind of salary, are above the required threshold, you are fine. As long as its still working, the job you hold isnt the issue. The issue is youre here long enough and make enough and maintain the right visa types.

If you lose your arc for any reason, you start over. So dont do that. Changing a visa is fine so long its the type of visa that allows you to apply for aprc. Dont quote me, but i think, for example, student visas wont work.

Not a lawyer but this is what ive gathered from NIA this year. Confirm with them.


@Charlie_Jack Your search skills are amazing! I looked for info here but could only find old threads that didn’t relate to the problem. Thanks to @Explant as well.
I wish I knew about the 6 month thing 5 years ago when I had a terrible job I was afraid to quit. The boss threatened this or that if I quit and I was afraid she’d cancel my work permit without telling me. I may be on the job market soon in a new industry and I was afraid if it didn’t fit me I might be stuck.

Follow up: Does the 6 month extension apply to dependents also? It would make since, but while I’m asking…

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Thanks! I just stumbled onto that info. Just got lucky.

I’d better let @Explant, @yyy, @Dr_Milker, @tando, or some other knowledgeable person answer that one. For quite some time, I’ve been out of the loop about the laws here, especially about changes in the laws.

I don’t have any certain info on the problem, but found this thread.

As for second issue, job switching should not be a problem, as far as your ARC is not canceled in between, and you keep the same ARC. This is I’m sure.

As for work based ARC to marriage based ARC and vice versa, I have heard mixed info. Many people say it is start over, but the OP in the thread says differently.

6 month extension, I’ve heard it can be a part of 5 years, but it is not a confirmed info,


I’ve had friends go from teaching gigs to professional work (Marketing, Sales, etc) and back and they had no issues getting APRC after they did their 5 years. As long as their ARC number stayed consistent and there wasn’t any break.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The worker’s dependents would remain dependents while the worker got an extension and/or changed industries.
The dependents have been in Taiwan almost as long and I want them to be able to apply for an APRC when they have been here for 5 years. As far as I can understand, after I have an APRC, any dependents can apply for an APRC for one when they qualify. I want to be sure that my getting an extension or changing jobs, I don’t jeopardize that. It seems like it wouldn’t.

I can’t answer your question with confidence, but below is the text of a translation of Article 16 of the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals, which deals with dependent issues in general terms (thanks to @tando for providing the title of the law and the article number in another thread):

Sorry, thas part is off topic on this thread.

What I meant is if a foreigner on a work based ARC becomes a spouse of a citizen, and changes the ARC to a marriage based ARC, it might be a start over of 5 years. Not on dependents of a foreigner on a work based ARC.

it might be not.

Article 22 of Regulations Governing Visiting, Residency, and Permanent Residency of Aliens says dependents of foreign special professionals can apply the 6 month extension, but no description of dependents of foreign professionals. They might be included in foreigners with “the special approval by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs under special circumstances”.

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I read the article, but I don’t understand what you meant by “no description of foreign professions”. It looks like they can apply for an extension also.

“no description of dependents of foreign professionals”

You really should go to immigration and get something in writing after all this discussion and you get your game plan more or less figured out.

In my opinion i think that changing jobs is not a worry. Changing visa TYPE could very much be a problem, but i dont know. That one you really need to get the info officially from the gov in a format that could be used in court (website, writing etc).

Changing visa types i wonder if your id number changes?

You probably already know but with your aprc you can have your wife/husband join you with a jfrv. I also wonder if they are eligable for aprc after as if they were married to a local and on jfrv

if you are foreign professionals, your dependents can get aprc.

Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals

Article 16 : Dependents of foreign professionals on APRC can get APRC with 5 years of residency, after the professionals get APRC.

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I think I understand everything except what @tando is highlighting as description. I don’t understand the context of the statement. But nevermind, I’ve got enough to work with if I do make the move.

I found the English version of the law seems saying differently than Chinese version. :slightly_frowning_face:

Article 22
An alien, the residency for whom is granted based on the investment in Taiwan, the employment in Taiwan pursuant to subparagraphs 1 to 7 of paragraph 1 of Article 46 or subparagraph 1 and subparagraph 3 of Paragraph 1 of Article 48 of the Employment Services Act or the proviso of paragraph 1 of Article 5 and paragraph 1 of Article 6 of Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals, or the special approval by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs under special circumstances, may submitted a written explanation to extend the length of stay from the National Immigration Agency prior to the expiration of the residency. Foreign special professional’s spouse and minor children, and children over twenty years old who are unable to live independently due to physical or mental disability can also apply through the same process after verified for residency. Upon approval, the effective period of his/her ARC shall be extended to 6 months from the next day of the date of the expiration of the time limit for the original residence. Before the extended period expires, if necessary, the alien can re-apply one time for further extension. The total extended period of residency is one year at most.

第 22 條


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Eh, sorry, what’s the difference? I assume it’s about the foreign “special” professional. Does the Chinese refer to any foreign professions, whether regular, special, or senior?

For me, it seems the sponsors of dependents can be any of investors, foreign professionals, and specially approved persons in Chinese version. It seems not specifying the type to foreign “special” professionals.

Foreign special professionals are limited to foreign workers qualifing for gold cards. If Chinese version indeed says a different thing, it is a big difference.

Qualification of Foreign Special Professionals

Hi I am Kevin, i work in IT sector in Taipei. Me and my wife both are Indonesian. My ARC is a working ARC, and hers is a dependent ARC. On December 2019, i decided to accept an offer from a new company. But, there is a little issue and misunderstanding causing my new work permit got delayed for several weeks. Therefore i need to apply for extension ARC, since my current ARC are terminated and my new permit still on the way. I went to Immigration Office near Xiaonanmen. And Yes, both of my ARC and my wife ARC get extended by max 6 Months. Just need to show the “Contract Termination Letter” from the old employer. Cheers for Taipei’s Immigration worker :+1: