Race and American Politics (split from Bush's iPod)


So, um, how do you explain all these videos of black people being racially profiled by police or being discriminated against by shop staff? The optics the rest of the world are seeing coming out of the US show a lot of race-related incidents. Black people as a whole do not seem overly enamored of the country they live in.


The Bear which countries are you comparing the US to in race related incidents against Black people?

You’re saying Black people never face discrimiation in shops or by Police in Asia, Canada, Mexico/ Latin America, South America and the EU?

At the end of the day we still have/had African Americans serving in the highest levels of our government in all 3 branches (Executive, Legislative, Judicial) including the Presidency twice and many Black Americans having run for President. The previous Chairman of the Republican party Michael Steele is an African American.

And in the supposedly racist deep south the State of Louisiana had Bobby Jindal an Indian American as Governor.

Does Canada, Mexico, Any EU country, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Mexico, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, New Zealand, Argentina, Russia have this opportunity for Blacks in their country in which they are a minority? Have black minorities in these countries even run for Prime Minister, President?

Does Canada even have a Black Canadian Supreme Court Justice Member? Does Mexico?


I see a straw man at the center of the argument. The author wants us to believe that we don’t see the glass as 87% percent full because we focus on the racism that still exists instead of the racism that no longer exists. I don’t buy it.

The reason we focus on racism happening today is because we, as a society, are afraid of making the same mistakes from our past. I learn more and more about the problems facing all manner of minorities in America and black males suffer more than most from our implicit racism.

I am fully prepared to admit that black males and black culture more generally are culpable for their situation but that isn’t nearly the whole story. Moreover, I think trying to point out their failures as a culture would increase racist attitudes and hamper any kind of progress toward improving the racial disparities we find in America.

Its a pretty boiler plate argument if you ask me. The author has a clear conservative bias and simplified a complex issue to suite republican rhetoric. The correct answer is: any multicultural society will subjugate the minority culture and democracy does this wonderfully in America.


You’re just throwing examples of people of color in executive branches of government. How about broadening your argument a little?

Also India doesn’t have a very large population descended from African slave immigrants. Why would we expect to see people of African ethnicity in an Indian parliament?


West Indies as in Haiti and Jamaica.


Once again prove how Blacks don’t face racism in other countries outside the US. Sure theres racism in the US, but theres racism in every other country also and in the majority of cases its worse.

There are blacks and minorities in huge numbers in all sectors of government at the City level, County and State level not just all parts of the Federal branch and major political parties at the highest levels. Also local police and judiciary.

Many of the largest fortune 500 companies in the US are headed by minorities and immigrants.

India still has a caste system which is institutionalized prejudice/ racism so thats a very poor comparison. And there are many different races within India itself and major discrimination within it.

Ive given numerous examples and facts and you’re pretty much giving nothing at this point and no comparison other than to say the US is racist… Once again my question is Racist vs Who? Every country has a lot of Racism, some more hidden than others as their media doesn’t discuss their racism for the world to see.

And no watching CNN repeat racist videos 24/7 is not an accurate source for how racist the US is you have to compare facts based on the same time period and speak to people who live in these countries


Caste isn’t race. I’m not comparing with India you are.


You brought up India as a comparison, now you’re saying you didnt and you provide zero facts or argument to back up your prejudice of the US in regards to racism. Ok discussion over…go back to CNN and MsNBC

Side Note
Theres multiple races in India all with diff languages, India is not a single “race” and these castes are very much set up along racial/ethnic lines.