I had a link for a road racing track up near Taipei, but I don’t have it currently. My understanding was that small sedans, sports cars and motorcycles were raced there. Is anybody familiar with this?


It’s in Lungtan (Southern Taoyuan County), about 10 minutes from my house…

I’m pretty sure they are only open on weekends, and the cost is 250Nt for admission. They race some fairly decent cars out there, but the track is too small let any of them run loose.

You interested in watching or racing?

Thanks for the reply. I’m a BIG motorpsorts fan and being here is like doing a bit of withdrawal. I get F-1, WRC and Moto GP on TV here, but at home I would have access to Champ Cars, the IRL, ALMS, NASCAR, ASA, WoO, etc. so we’re making do.

I’d have to say that I’m only interested in spectating. I’ve been to two driving schools in the US, but they were both on ovals. When you said weekends, did you mean Saturday and Sunday or? We typically work most Saturdays, so that is usually out of the question. I’ll search for the web site again, but as I remember, it was mostly in Chinese.

Thanks for you help!

I’ll try to swing by there and grab a schedule for you this weekend sometime…


There’s a nice GO CART TRACK in the basement of Thaimall shopping center.
I know you can’t compare it with real racing,but i’m a big fan of racing too and it is better than nothing.

I’m interested in this too, back home I raced my VW GTI in every SCCA and NASA event about once a month. I would love to check this track out. I live in Taoyuan and I work close to Longtan. How can I find out how to get there?

I really want to know more about this.

Interesting documentary program on the Knowledge Channel (or was it Discovery?) last night. Had a feature on the Longtan track. A banner said “Taiwan Touring Cars Championship” and there looked to be some pretty serious cars racing. Track did look a bit small though.

I found a newspaper article on the track, but I haven’t found the track’s site yet. The length was quoted as 1.8km if I remember correctly.

PM me for directions to the track. Let me know how you are getting there (car, motorcycle) and where you are starting from.

I went out there a couple of hours ago…

No racing today, but some riders were out on the track with some pretty tricked out NSR’s and a couple of local 150 V-twins.

You can check out their website (Chinese only):

After looking at the website, I found that the last session for this season will be on Nov 7th. The only thing scheduled for the day is a “fish-tail contest”.

Guessed we missed it… :s

Cool, racing is great. Maybe we can organize a Forumosa group karting outing? I would not mind meeting some motorheads. I am looking for a car for my parents. Maybe a Honda for around 150,000 NT and it has to be a slushbox. Not my choice but reliability is key. Just PM me.


If you want to go go-karting the best place is in Jew-nan. Uh not sure about the spelling but that’s phonetically correct. It’s right beside Hsin-chu. Their karts reach an honest 70km/hr. And I’ve yet to see someone hold the gas to the floor the first few times they go as it’s scary fast. They also use a F1 lap timing computer program with sensors on all the karts so you can get a print-out of your lap times. Uhh…hold on I’ll go get their number… I think this is their card… Have fun…I’m there most Sundays…I’ve got pretty much the fastest lap time for a white guy there…but then again…I haven’t seen any other white guys there.

any track in Kaohsiung area?

oh when was this track built?

track still open?

I hear it’s near Chaiyi and will be open in 2006.

I heard someone post that they live near the track. Do you want to get together for a look one day? I’m near taichung and I’ve always wanted to go, but I don’t know how to get there. I have a car, or I can take a train, bus…whatever you say dude!

Thanks. I hope to hear from you soon.

By the way if you want to kill yourself… there’s a cart track in Pattaya,Thailand that has 2stroke carts that haul asss. I hit the tires at about 50km/h ripped the front wheel, off airborn 360 almost died, they scraped me off the grass, and I was in another car rippin around the track holdin my kidney in about 5 mins… gotta love Asia.

Take it easy.


There is a dedicated, high performance Go kart track in Lungtan as well, where you can rent whacked two strokes… 800NT for 15 minutes. They also have Karts for sale. Last time I was out there, there were several Germans down from Taipei who not only owned their own karts, but had rented a storage shed on the premises.

These karts are wicked fast… :smiling_imp:

Does anybody know where exactly is that track in Junan? I just spent two hours looking for the damn thing, but couldn’t find it.
I found a map on their website, but it’s not very detailed. I asked a few people in Junan, but nobody seems to know where it is.

[quote=“Andre”]Does anybody know where exactly is that track in Junan? I just spent two hours looking for the damn thing, but couldn’t find it.
I found a map on their website, but it’s not very detailed. I asked a few people in Junan, but nobody seems to know where it is.[/quote]

That’s odd that the people there didn’t help you. I remember the first time I tried to find it…I went to Junan downtown area…and got lost. I asked young guys at gas stations…and they all knew it. With their help I found my way to it. It’s just off of the number 13. I’m not sure if it’s south or north of Junan central, but I’d guess north. On the 13 you look for a 7-11…turn off the 13 into the small side street directly beside the 7-11. You follow that road around for less than a minute and make the first right. You’ll notice a green sign on the corner with some Chinese words and an arrow. You’ll recognize the character for “small” referring to “small race track”. You then take the next first right and continue straight to the end then do a quick left-right to go up a hill and you are there.

Or you could just PM me the day before you go and we’ll meet and I’ll lead you there :slight_smile: .

Another good way to find the 13 is to take the ocean highway. There is a rest area with some flags and a couple of vendors. There are also some public toilets there…and a road that leads down onto the beach. From there you would head south for about 3-4 minutes then hang a left at the first big intersection with a 4 laned road on the left…you’d immediately go over a small hump of a bridge then the first big intersection would be the #13. You’d hang a right onto the 13 and you be heading towards the race track on the same side as the 7-11.

Thanks, I think I

There’s a track near Da-Xi now as well (near sherman damn). The track isn’t as fast as the one in Jew-nan. And they use harder tires so the cars slide a lot more…but that actually makes it kinda fun…since everyone’s car is doing it.