Rakuten (new Japanese owners of Monkeys) live press conference and team name / uniform reveal

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Man, the away uniform looks like a rip off of China’s national baseball team.

There are plenty of red jersey designs Rakuten could have gone for. They could copy the Angels’ uniform, having a v-neck to avoid looking so generic. They could do Red Sox’s jersey, and have a darker grey to replace the white from the home jersey.

At least the white one is ok looking. I think they put more thoughts into designing the cheerleaders’ uniform.

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It’s the same colors as the golden eagles so guess they need gold.

I can’t believe they were considering calling themselves the Eagles. That’d confuse the crap out of people.

Also, this should count as more foreign investment.

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Tell me how they are not the exact same jerseys?

Oh, the away jersey for the Rakuten Golden Eagles looks a lot nicer.

That’s Taiwanese pitcher Sung Chia-hao wearing the Golden Eagles’ away jersey.

If the Japanese Rakuten jersey doesn’t need the gold trim, why does the Taiwan Rakuten jersey need it?

They ARE the same jersey. They just had a lot of excess stock lying around, and needed to repurpose it somehow. Japanese companies aren’t doing business with China anymore.

Now, Taiwanese franchises are another matter entirely. Not China at all…

They don’t need the gold trims, but most of their uniforms have gold lining. It’s not nearly as prominent as Team China’s gold. Maybe they’re the Golden Monkeys now?

I think the double-duty the Taoyuan does (桃園 + 桃猿) is actually better for Rakuten’s brand, because now Rakuten is just one of two words instead of Rakuten Taoyuan Monkeys

My issue is that there’s nothing about monkeys on the uniform. I’d like to see a cartoon monkey like the Indians or the Orioles logos on the hats.

:joy: :joy: good one.

They look cheap.

Look at Fatty (小胖)struttin’ his stuff down the runway.

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Rakuten of Japan purchased Lamigo. What do you think?


There’s a thread further down.

I think this is good.

First, it’s foreign investment. We can use a little more of that.

Second, it’s quite novel- one owner of teams across two leagues in the same sport.

Third, they might be able to help our small league. From their presser, they claimed to have turned Japanese baseball around. I’m not sure what they can do here, because Lamigo is already successful. But let’s wait and see.

I’m a Kobo owner now, so this is my team.

The only reason I got right now.