Ralph Northam


Theres so much ridiculousness here. Ralph caught some heat for supporting a Virginia 3rd trimester abortion bill. But it became a real story once his year book photo was found. It looked like this.


So he apologized at first. But interesting how the MAGA hat kid became a huge story and the MAGA hat is called the new white hood…but a guy wears a actual white hood or possibly the black face and it’s not as big of a story.

He now backtracks and says he wasn’t the person in the picture lol The entire page is his, all the picture is him…but he just suddenly realized oh it’s not him :joy:

Lemon: This is more than dumb, this is racist


What’s wrong with this picture?


He has suddenly become a Republican …must have done something wrong then , I guess. :joy:
CNN, the source you can trust :rofl:


Bingo. When I first read this story, his political affiliation was listed way down towards the bottom, half way down the thought crept in…must be a Dem.

Sho’ nuff!



A clever spin, but they haven’t thought it all the way through:

Bottom line: you can’t have it both ways, no matter how you reframe it.


"Ralph Northam Joke Book”

Who was Governor Northam’s favorite actor?
John Wilkes Booth

What does Northam call a maternity ward?
A morgue

What’s Northam’s favorite movie?
Partial Birth of a Nation

What’s his second favorite movie?
13 Years a Slave

What’s his favorite Clint Eastwood movie?
Hang ‘Em High

What was Northam’s least favorite movie?

What kind of maternity card does Northam send new mothers?
A sympathy card

What’s the Governor’s personal motto?
“If at first you don’t Secede, try try again”

What’s the average life expectancy in Northam’s state?
Nine months

What’s Northam’s favorite Virginia auto dealer?
Coon’s ford

Who will Northam pick to head Virginia’s infant services?
Dr. Jack Kevorkian

What’s the Governor’s least favorite car?
a Lincoln continental

What’s Northam’s favorite part of any city?
the Hood

How does Northam describe his welfare system, and a maternity ward?
“From cradle to grave”

What’s the Governor’s preferred method of public transportation?
The Underground Railroad

Who was Northam’s favorite President?
Jefferson Davis

What are Northam’s favorite books?
the Clan of the cave bear
Confederacy of Dunces

What is Gov. Northam’s favorite bird?
Jim Crow

Who are Northam’s favorite aristocrats?
The Dukes of Hazzard, and David Duke

Who are Northam’s least favorite aristocrats?
Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Prince

What was Northam voted as in his college yearbook?
Most likely to Secede

Who is Northam’s favorite general, and his usual response to an accusation?

What are Northam’s chances of remaining Governor?
Gone with the Wind

How does Ralph Northam describe the sides of an isosceles triangle?
Separate But Equal


I will hold my verdict , until I know for sure , BUT it’s not looking good for him. Of course there may have been many guys wearing these trousers …hmmm we will see .


Plaid pants, bizarre press conference… could he be on the spectrum?


Yes, forgiving people’s indiscretions from 30+ years ago and accepting that politicians evolve would be the best way forward. Judging people by their actions, not their words, would be the moral thing to do. Accepting that everyone in the public eye is human and will make the odd PC faux pas now and then would be tolerant.

Of course, only in selected cases.


I take this as a sign that the “racist” slur is on its deathbed. This is the bargaining phase of the grief process.

In my experience, it’s always a good idea to call people out for double standards. A lot of drama, but very worth it in the end.


Racist isn’t a slur when it’s applicable.


“Racist” is doomed all the same. It’s well nigh used up.


Among your circles and in white nationalist leaning chatrooms perhaps.


My. Such hateful bigotry.

Are you a Democrat by any chance?


I think it’s fun to watch CNN’s responses to these events as if they were taking a rorschach test.

Tester: Brett Kavanugh, what do you see?
CNN: Boofing, devils triangle, orgies and gang rape. Unsubstantiated claims 30 years after they supposedly happened which must be accepted as fact.

Tester:Kid in a MAGA hat.
CNN: the new symbol for the KKK it’s like the new Nazi symbol these kids must not be given a pass, I feel so triggered when I see that hat. What are they doing harassing a noble tribal elder and Vietnam war veteran who heard chants of “build the wall”.

Tester: Picture of Northam in black face sanding next to a guy dressed up in a KKK outfit?
CNN: Some of our best friends were racist


Is it me, or is he a dead ringer for George W?


No, I’m an independent that thinks for myself. I am capable of seeing both how the left has gotten too wrapped up in identity politics at the expense of substantive action that would help Americans. I can also recognize hateful white nationalist rhetoric on the far right, and how notions of ‘identity politics’ are used to justify bigotry and racism.

Life is beautiful, too short to feel the trolls on new years. Hsin nian kuai le!


Trying to have it both ways doesn’t make you an independent.