Ralph Northam


I’ve got nothing against racist Democrats personally. It’s just that whenever they hold office the property values go down.


Don’t make me laugh :joy: You are the last thing from a independent that thinks for himself. Saying everyone has strong cognitive biases and even asking


And I can on and on about how he’s been race baiting like calling me not a real American because i’m asian lol

The only one with a strong cognitive bias is you. What a joke.


Why the anger? Its new years.


I’m not angry, just find it hypocritical you calling everyone else for having a strong cognitive bias when no one else brought up race besides the OP and you. How independent of you.


Whoah guys look out. We’ve got an enlightened one here!


Youre angry and making things up. Enjoy life. Take a stroll. Eas a sandwich Anything else.


Making things up? You mean calling yourself a independent who doesn’t like racial identity politics while agreeing with a person who is using identity politics and just pure racism? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Unless you feel like taking it back now? All i did is quote you. Independent and think for yourself my ass. I can keep quoting many more of you using identity politics.


What tosh, you are constantly talking about race and not only on this thread. And yes it was cognitive bias.


more so than you that’s for sure lol


No @brasd, you really need to work on reading comprehension.

@homersimpsun, the only person who defends you is a racist lol, so independent.


Your posts are so angry, just utter rage

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Get over yourself @brasd. You act like black people like yourself are the only people who have had oppression happen to them and yet you live a more privileged life than 99% of the world. You are a black supremacist listening to white hating anti Semitics like the nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan. You somehow thinks you deserve more because of things that never happened to you lol And because of this victim mentality you want to discriminate against others and call asians not real americans and not POC in the US. You pathetic loser, get over yourself and stop blaming everyone else and take some responsibility for your pathetic life. Instead of blaming some CIA conspiracy for flooding black neighborhoods with crack lol.


There are going to be more Ralph Northams. People are going to be trawling through everybody of note’s past for PC indiscretions. American politics seems inclined towards these witchhunts.


Ah, a nice traditional CNY flame war.

These days everybody’s a witch. Witch hunts are simply wars between rival wizarding factions.


Libs are good at blackface.
Ted Danson and Whoopi, 1993



Ban Cheers reruns. NOW!


Here one faction is Dumbledore’s army and the other is literally Hitlermort, or something like that.


Quite literally Hitler. Cute.


Taking Fairfax down with him? #YouToo