Ralph Northam


Yeah it’s pretty (darkly) funny once you realize that Northam’s med school yearbook photos were made public just a few days after Northam was taped admitting that babies are sometimes murdered after they’re born. That did not exactly make doctors who practice abortion heroic, and it definitely cast Democrat support for abortion in a bad light.

Who would profit by releasing photos of Northam in blackface? Virginia Lt. Governor and next-in-line Justin Fairfax - about whom somebody has now released anonymously news that he’s guilty of committing sexual assaults in his past.

Democrats are such lovely puritan… er people.


Social justice used to be a circle jerk. Now it’s a circular firing squad.

It’s funny because they’re humorless.


Why he shouldn’t resign,



We will wait and see. Democrats are taking the track, “wait for the facts to come out, she has a right to be heard but not necessarily believed and there is no corroborating evidence”.

Republican media is pointing out the obvious hypocrisy in how they handled Kavanaugh accusations (which is fair enough) but without crediting the Democrats in this instance of pointing out how accusations of this type should be handled.

I agree they should be heard, they should not be automatically be believed and we should all be against knee jerk rush to judgements against anyone.


So now Democrat Mark Herring, Virginia Attorney General, has fessed up that he, too, cavorted in blackface thirty or more years ago. :grin:

Democrats seem stunned so far. I think the double whammy of Herring’s fessing up and the Democrat women dressed all in white giving Trump a standing ovation at Tuesday night’s SOTU speech have rendered them a bit senseless. A little sunlight should probably help them overcome the lethargy.


oh, the irony


Alt right chat threads. Where two wrongs make a right every time.


It’s the pot calling the kettle black, is what it is.

Oh my, that’s an unfortunate metaphor.


They’ve painted themselves into a corner by judging past actions through today’s moral lens. Silly sods deserve everything they get.

Long time ago blackface was no problem. Then it became a problem, but was OK if done ‘knowingly’ (ie white liberals could still do it). Now it’s wrong no matter what.


There is NO both sides


Chicago could use your passion. White guilt fanny’s got you stuffing your shoes, though.


Two wrongs will never make a right, no matter how many times you make the argument.


Who is making that argument?


“The Democrats engaged in racist behavior too, they’re hypocrites” is a pretty common theme here. OK, so what?


This is a thread about a politician who wore blackface in the past. Are you suggesting this should be ignored because he’s a Democrat?


No, I’m saying pointing out liberal hypocrisy doesn’t justify racist behavior or the theme of white nationalist racial identity politics deployed aggressively by the right.

Nor does constructing media conspiracies or imaginary counterfactual worlds where ‘PC’ is an aggressive force persecuting them, and they are victims.

Liberals do it too doesn’t excuse the right wing, and saying 1000 more angrily in memes doesn’t fix any problems.

I see very few solutions being offered.


It’s turning into a circular firing squad in Virginia, one with extraordinarily high entertainment value. Democrat governor Northam was photographed in blackface 35 years ago (35!), and Democrat church elders declare he’s gotta resign.

The heir apparent is Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax … who is now accused of sexual assault (in 2004) by a woman who’s now a professor in California - Fairfax denies it. Based on the Kavanaugh rule it would seem that he, too, has gotta resign. Side note of interest here: the woman went to the Washington Post with her allegation of sexual assault by Fairfax in November 2017, but WaPo refused to publish it because her allegations could not be corroborated - although WaPo had hosted a wholesale libel of Justice Kavanaugh two months earlier based on similar allegations.

Next in line would be AG Mark Herring, a Democrat who has admitted that he, too, cavorted in blackface nearly 40 years ago (this after he condemned Northam for the same behavior). If Northam goes then Herring has to go, too.

Bringing us to the fourth in line, Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox, a Republican. A Republican who might stand a good chance of winning office if a new election were held, or would be Virginia Governor in 2021 if a special election is not held. Virginia’s legislature is dominated by Republicans. A Republican governor in place in 2021 would, of course, place the GOP is a very good position to sign new laws controlling Congressional redistricting that must take place there in light of the results of the 2020 census.

So it would seem that cultural appropriation and the “rules” of #metoo have placed Virginia Democrats in quite a pickle. Stay tuned, it should be very interesting.


Who here is justifying racism? You replied to my post. Is there something in that post that you consider justifies racism?


The consistent theme that racism is ‘manufactured’ by liberal media or that PC is to blame for racial politics, as if they don’t exist in the real world is a consistent theme in this or other posts.

Even if you’re right, there’s hypocrisy on the left, racism is real, exists and it’s not made up. All of these memes, the strawman arguments, demonizing liberals, using themes like ‘the race card’ to deflect accountability for racial wrondoing…they are all a means of normalizing racism.

Blackface was never ok, for example. At what point in history or in what situations do you believe it was OK?