Ralph Northam


Could you point out specifically where I have done any of these things? Apart from your last paragraph, which misunderstands my point. Blackface being OK at points in the past does not mean I believe it to be OK.





  1. apparently kind or helpful but betraying a feeling of superiority; condescending.


If you have any suggestions about how to debate people that argue with memes, I’m all ears


Racism is not normalized. Nobody in their right mind is racist. It really sounds like you’ve taken your cues from the UFO, bigfoot set.


According to homersimpsun I am.


And now the Washington Post’s editorial board is demanding from their perches on high that Governor Northam resign, which would seem to launch a dominos-like cascade of events that would make the plot of a screwball comedy seem like a documentary by comparison.

This is going to get real good real fast, I think. Stay tuned.


The irony is rich here, considering that is what @homersimpsun is accusing those radical far right conspiracy theorists of doing.

Fact is some on the progressive left have been taken on a ride way out the deep end without realizing, kind of like watching Wile E. Coyote who has just run right off the edge of a cliff and is kind of just hovering and waiting for gravity to kick in.


I found this guy this morning. I like hearing his take on the screechery over there.


The only solution needed is to realize the whole problem is a hallucination.

We don’t need to offer solutions because we’re not the ones suffering from the hallucination.


No one ever said it’s ok…

Who is excusing right wing racism? Or racism in general?

I’m not understanding you, it it looks like no one else is on the same page as you.I think I can say for everyone here so far that we all think racism is wrong.


I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what is meant by “intersectional” and intersectionality. I think it means that a person or event (or something) possesses two or more identities that Democrats are able to profit by (electorally if not $$, although $$ can’t be far behind if I know our Democrats).

Anyway, latest update is in, ta da.

A recipe for blackened herring has been found in Pow Wow Chow, submitted by E Warren, Cherokee. Rumor has it that it’s best if the herring comes from the James River. :grin:

Is it intersectional to link Pocahontas and her decades-long dalliance with cultural appropriation to the brief detours made by Gov. Northam and AG Herring into cultural appropriation? :thinking:


At least some racism is definitely fake. Shall we have a racism hoax thread?


Witches should not start witch hunts.


Where will it all end? I have to say that this in an awful design, and would have not sold anyway.


I read somewhere else that they were selling it at 890US a pop.


Did The Onion’s popularity fuck up the algorithm somewhere?

Although, that may be what covert racism is going to look like. Just roll that sucker down in certain company.


What. The. Actual. Hell.
What the actual hell is a CNN article reading like a buzzfeed column for




The embattled Virginia governor says he’s certain he’s not one of the two men shown in a racist photo in his 1984 medical school yearbook – because the men in the photo are holding beers in their right hands while he’s left-handed.


Well, the Democrats in Virginia are beside themselves now that a second accuser has emerged, charging Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax with rape.

They are in a bad, bad place here. :grin:

If Fairfax resigns then the Democrat party has the optic where two white males are left in office, both of whom have been photographed wearing blackface (thirty or more years ago, but Democrats painted themselves in a corner last fall with Justice Kavanaugh: 35 years is an example sufficiently recent to wreck whole careers - independent of whether the charges are true or not).

If Northam resigns then AG Mark Herring must also resign since he admitted wearing blackface 40 years ago - and unfortunately condemned Gov. Northam for the same crime about 72 hours before he confessed to his own.

If all three Democrats resign - this outcome would be the logical result of the intersectional petard Democrats have somehow managed to hoist themselves upon in Virginia - then a Republican becomes Governor. A Republican, as you may know, is frowned upon these days by Democrats. :grinning:

If you find Democrat gnashing of teeth, tears, and proclamations of Republican consipiracy nourishing then you could do far, far worse than reading this article. Check out the comments for an extra special dessert. :grin: