Ramen pizza? Crazy mashup revealed by Pizza Hut...Taiwan

CNN acknowledges Taiwan! I still say Nope to this pizza. What about you guys? Yay or Nay?

At some point it ceases to be pizza…


This one pizza managed to anger 2 cultures at once! Impressive!


They really shouldn’t let Pizza But Taiwan make any product decisions. Never works out well.

Anything other than a margherita?

Sounds like it would be very salty.

The Bubble Tea pizza was actually a big hit here. Not that I ever tried that shit…

Because ramen, duh! :smile: :ramen: :egg:

Hard no. Right up there with the tapioca dominos monstrosity. Taiwan has great pizza now, and often cheaper than American chains…so why is it these American chains keep pumping out the most disgusting food here?

If am dragged to either pizza hut or dominos I just order a coke and eat at 711 after everyone finishes.

Does pizza hut still do the all you can eat buffet?

No they stopped sometimes in 2013. I don’t know why, but there are no more Pizza Hut restaurants to be found, all are delivery only now.

I used to like the Pizza Hut buffet because you had roast chicken and all the American classic pizzas.

Damn, what a shame. I.used to go as well when. visiting the cities. Probably thats when I stopped going haha, take out only.

Have you tried .the ramen one?

No, because Pizzahut is unaffordable when all you can eat isn’t an option anymore. At least at Costco I get a REALLY BIG FREAKING PIZZA when I buy the whole box. Not so with Pizza Hut.

I think ending the buffet must be a corporate decision, because there aren’t any Pizza Hut Buffet in the US either.

I’ll eat it

Just don’t take it to the washroom, m’kay?

There’s still a Pizza Hut restaurant near Taipei Arena MRT, I remember going there last year. Also near Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and Nangang MRT stations. The latter has it in Global Mall, on the same level as other restaurants. And these all have buffet.

yup and Kaohsiung had one, took it away for a few years, but the last time I was there a little over a year ago they had a new one near the Ikea if I remember correctly.

Yeah, I was going to say I was pretty sure the one on the NW corner of Kuangfu/Chungshiao, catty wampus from SYS is still there. Although, IIRC, they went from 2 floors to one a while ago.

According to my buddy who happens to be a manager at a Pizza Hut restaurant, there are still sit down restaurants and they still have the all you can eat buffets.

He has provided the following locations for your education, convenience and enjoyment. See you there!

PIZZA HUT必勝客-敦化餐廳店(歡樂吧)
02 2514 8101

PIZZA HUT 必勝客 永和餐廳店
02 2921 6030

必勝客 光復餐廳店
02 2776 6600

PIZZA HUT必勝客-景美餐廳店(歡樂吧)
02 2930 7711