Ramen pizza? Crazy mashup revealed by Pizza Hut...Taiwan

I can only hope this clown (apologies to @rooftopclown ) is being sarcastic.

I feel pizza hut is 10x more disgusting and unhealthy than mickey d’s even. If I’m starving I’ve no problem with mickey’s. But starving versus the hut…I’ll likely go hungry.

Dominoes is very average za but superior to the hut in every day.

If I wanted to punish my family, I’d take them to the hut. :joy:

U.S. Dominos maybe, but not Taiwan Dominos. That stuff is disgusting.

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I don’t like it, but still much more palatable than the hut, let’s put it that way. Hut tastes like 90% mostly stale dough, Dominoes’ corn dough is not so abominable. I’m being generous with calling it average though.

I consider it food technically, and hut not food. :sick:

Agree to disagree. But yes, we’re talking about varying degrees of crappiness.