Random foreign aggression against the local cops

This article is hilarious. I thought he was an actual fighter. It’s just a guy not an iranian fighter. The last picture of the cop icing his face is just sad. I would be so embarrassed telling my friends I got beat up by wahid.

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Translation: he is got no money looks for deportation excuse to get home…or took some badly cooked bath salts. Or really really wants that Apple Daily cover - he’s got it!

The title’s grammar and semantics may be better: Idjit randomly hits police and bus driver. Or something along those lines.

“A police officer is seen nursing an injury after being punched by the infamous Wahid, October 13, 2017”

Look at this guy :joy:.

Well, we have all been known to do crazy shit when drunk, but this guy is taking things to the limit.

He wasn’t drunk. Just said he was.

So he was pretending to be drunk? That’s always my excuse.

I’ve always found Iranians a little bit tough, a little bit crazy. I had Iranian friends who told me with a smile on their face that they would kill me if I ever touched their sisters or cousins. I didn’t doubt them in the slightest. There’s no shame in getting your ass kicked by an Iranian, even if you’re a Taiwanese cop…maybe especially if you’re a Taiwanese cop.

Well Iran geographically used to be Persia. And Persia was pretty bad ass. But I’m not so sure about wahid.

But the guys icing his face like like he just went a couple rounds in the ring with Tyson. Come on man. Don’t look like such a wuss.

I like Wahid’s chances against your average Taiwanese cop. Hell, I like my chances against your average Taiwanese cop…not the SWAT guys, of course…they actually receive some decent training.

Someone get me this wahids contact so I can train him and promote him for a upcoming fight if he needs money. The infamous wahid would be a good ring name with a story to back it.

That’s actually not a bad idea, and apparently he could use the work. Wahid the Cop Whupper…has a nice ring to it. Something tells me he has a deportation in the cards though, unless he’s married to a local.

Persian women are worth touching. :heart_eyes:

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Yes they are. But seriously, man, it’s not worth it. She’ll probably be the last thing you ever touch.

Don’t they usually kill the women for honor? Or is that only in Pakistan?

No, Iranians are much more enlightened…they kill the offending dude. :sunglasses:


The diaspora are quite liberal (or at least they were back in the 90s)

It’s not that specific.

Since you’re interested in Italian culture…

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Religion and allegedly drinking aside, the guy needs help. Does he have any friends in Taipei?

All the Iranian girls I knew in high school and college were virgins. They didn’t want to be, but there was a lot of family pressure. The guys, on the other hand, were total dogs.