Random foreign aggression against the local cops

Perhaps it could be used ironically.

Now “Biggus Dickus” has got to be some kind of offense–if nothing else, against the Latin language, which has no letter k. (Now go write it a hundred times.)

The letter ⟨K⟩ was used only rarely, in a small number of words such as Kalendae, often interchangeably with ⟨C⟩.


Fun-loving, yes. Woke? Really? They were probably just “passing” to fit in in Vancouver. The Iranians I know are like the least PC people in the world, and that’s a good thing.

I’ve notice from my personal experience that Iranians sometimes won’t say they’re from Iran but say they’re Persian. One of my old bosses did that and another one who left Iran to study in China hated Iranian government. We would shout fuck Ahmadinejad while we got drunk walking around.

Got to say, I’ve heard easier things to shout while drunk.

You still have to admire Taiwan law enforcement. In other parts of the world, if anyone pulled that stupidity, it would be with the purpose of suicide by cops.

Yeah his English wasn’t very good. That’s one of the few things I knew about Iran so it was the way we bonded lol

Persian is more specific than Iranian, because Iran has large minorities of turks, kurds, georgians, armenians etc. also iranian is an umbrella term, like “latin” for a whole range of languages, whereas persian is just one language. kurds for example are an iranian people, but not persian, and not necessarily of iranian nationality. kind of like english versus british

Don’t think it was shared yet. Here’s a really embarrassing short film about the Taiwanese police force.


Detectives I’ve met are actually fairly competent and many of them pretty bad ass. It’s just the local scooter cops that we see that look like complete pussies.

The ones we have at The Bunker seem handpicked…For handsomeness. Poor things face loonies and protesters on a daily basis, so must be quite competent.

Is there some reason the cops didn’t beat his ass? He was clearly resisting arrest and punching a police officer. That should be enough grounds to use force until he is restrained.

Maybe because he was a foreigner, the cops were afraid of doing something more physical?

Aside from the foreign card, it was obvious the guy was not in full command of his faculties. They behaved in a more humane way given the circumstances.

Have I told you the story of a drunker foreigner who went naked by what was at that time Warner Village? When the cops showed up, he was having a ball, hugged them and called them my bro, love you guys. They laughed, put in in a patrol car, gave him coffee and waited until he was sober to send him his merry way…fully clothed.

No need to play macho just because you have a gun. Though this Persian pal really went a bit over the line as a repeat offender and really hurting people. When he gets better I am sure he will be full of regret for his actions and apologize accordingly.


@Icon hit it on the head. I’m so used to cops using as much force as they can and sometimes even more that I forgot this is proper policing. It’s entirely possible to subdue someone in many cases without excessive force.

Not everyone is a violent hardened criminal. I feel like with my experiences with the law. They get more out of being the good cop and trying to befriend you. So you do have to watch out for that as they will be really nice and tell you what makes you feel better. Still better to get a lawyer in case. But they aren’t out to get you from the way I felt and don’t treat you like scum unless you’ treat them badly.

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Yeah, if someone is wasted and harmless there’s no need to nuke him from orbit, but if someone starts attacking people just knock him out first and ask questions later. I don’t care about the:“Oh poor guy, he suffers from X and had a bad day because Y”, we all have our daily dose of shit but we don’t go out attacking people like that.


I have to agree with this. Excessive force is never a good thing, but this was clearly a case of insufficient force. Of course there’s a fine line between the two, which makes being a cop such a challenging job. The cops may have been worried about the optics in this situation (the Apple Daily effect), or they may just have been lame.

To be fair, being in the cops shoe most people would be scared. Even though I know I could take wahid easily in a regulated fight. There’s nothing scarier than a guy out of his mind being violent. It’s not just about being tough or being able to fight or any of that. Cops need to be trained to deeescalate the situation. Sometimes it takes force, sometimes it doesn’t. But still, that photo of him is just embarrassing. You got punched lol. They put it like he’s nursing an real injury.

This is definitely part of the problem. That image should never have made it onto the news. Why they let reporters and camera crews inside of police stations is completely beyond me. Most countries have strict rules about things like that.

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Descalating is one thing, but doing nothing after being punched is a different story. In the case of the naked guy, he didn’t attack the cops, which is a different situation.

From the video, the situation was ok until the guy started punching the cops. At that point, the appropriate response is to subdue the guy with force. They probably wouldn’t have had to do much with three of them. Just throw him on the ground and cuff him.

EDIT : about 1:20 in the video, it looks like the cops do use batons to knock him to the ground when he rushes them. A bit hard to see. But after that, he seems to give up.

In my experience, which is a lot because we get our daily dose of loonies being a government institution where everyone goes to vent, is that cops rarely use force. I have also seen videos of confrontation with cops and individuals, usually the cops still get beaten and at least once or twice lost their guns. But they know backup is on the way and then the pile up in numbers gets serious.