Ranking of Taiwanese cities

I would like you all to rank the following cities from 1 to 4 (1 being the one you like the most and 4 being the one you like the least) and briefly state why.

Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung.

For me it is

  1. Kaohsiung (good weather, MRT, good nightlife, friendly people, wide roads) sometimes pollution can be a little bad.

  2. Tainan (good weather, great food, friendly people) lacking an MRT, though.

  3. Taipei (MRT, good nightlife) but a little expensive and too crowded/busy.

  4. Taichung (decent weather) I find Taichung to be quite boring and inconvenient , though. Pollution can also be quite bad.

In general, I prefer the south of Taiwan way above the middle and north. The middle has the edge over the north in terms of weather but the advantages stop at there for me.

I actually agree with your ranking exactly from cities I’ve lived in
I’m considering Yilan now for a change of pace but not sure how many jobs are there.

Taichung was the last place I was … boring!! Even the people don’t seem all that active compared to kaohsiung or even Taipei. Something is missing there and I could never put my finger on what, the city just felt off.

Kaohsiung has worse pollution than Taichung these days.

At least Kaohsiung is fun, though. Taichung just feels soulless in comparison.

Hualien or not in a city :slight_smile:

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You like Hualien the most?

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Dislike it the least :wink:

haha, right.

How would you rank the cities i posted about, though?

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I agree: Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taipei, then Taichung.

Although there are about ten other cities I’d put before Taichung, it is one of my least favorite places in Taiwan.

I live in Kaohsiung and I’d never rank it above Taipei. :man_shrugging:


The only place i have been that i like less than Taichung is Changhua.

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Depends on what you value, i guess. What overall makes you lean towards Taipei?

Better variety of food/restaurants, cooler districts to go and explore, more of a global city feeling, less pollution, people are a bit more worldly, etc.


S tier - Taipei

A tier - Hualian, Yilan

B tier - Taichung, Tainan

C tier - Xinzhu

D tier -

E tier - Ji Long, Zhong li

F tier - Taoyuan

Haven’t been everywhere yet but taipei - clearly the best. East coast - very pleasant. West coast - still decent but the quality is definitely lower…


5 most liked

  1. Taitung
  2. Hualien
  3. Tainan
  4. Taipei
  5. Taichung

5 not so much

  1. Hsinchu
  2. Chung Li/Any Small City in corridor between Taipei and Taichung
  3. Taoyuan
  4. Changhua
  5. Kaohsiung

Less so at night. Definitely during the day.

Where’s Kaohsiung?

What’s with all the hate for taoyuan? What’s wrong with taoyuan?

Also, how are we defining city here? Pre-2010 or post-2010?

Besides being Taiwan’s Wuhan? :stuck_out_tongue:


we talkin about old taoyuan or the renamed county?

Why do so many people like Tainan? What makes that city stand out for you guys?