Raspberry Pi

Is there anywhere that sells that tiny computer - Raspberry Pi - in Taipei?

Sounds like it might be fun to tinker with.

(Should this be in “Where Can I Find” instead?)

I saw it for sale in the electronics basement near ZhongXiao XinSheng. Sorry, can’t be more specific, but it was in the window, so shouldn’t be too hard to find. It’s in a little plain white box, bit bigger than a cigarette packet. NT$3000, IIRC, which is a bit of a markup.

Frankly, it was a neat idea at the time, but there are probably better platforms out now. The new BeagleBone looks good (US$45).

Yeah… it’d be cheaper to order one online and have it shipped. The item itself should cost US$35.

I bought mine at the Tenlong bookstore (tenlong.com.tw/).

Saw it for NT$1800 at the Guanghua underground mall.

Depending on what you want to do, there are also other alternatives… In computex I saw some ARM testing boards that came with either Ubuntu for ARM or Android Jelly Bean. They even supported dual monitor configurations, and the specs were really good. If any of you is interested, I can look for their contact information… they may be able to sell you samples.

I bought mine online.
Fast shipment from China (Few days)

Oh I love these small boards - I have many different :slight_smile:

Raspberry Pi is easy to get - I grabbed mine off here: taiwan02.rs-online.com/web/gener … aspberrypi

As a starter model - I’d recommend Raspberry all day long, it has by far the largest community and best documentation. Also it’s the only board with CEC so if it does end up as a XBMC mediacenter which tend to happen with a lot of RPis then you don’t need two remotes.

Else there is CuBox-i coming soon which sports 4 different versions, from single core to quad core with SATA, Gigabit and OpenCL 1.1 compatible GPU.

liliputing.com/2013/09/cubox-i-m … um=twitter