Rats in public park

the park next to our house has lots and lots of rats.
who should I call / how do I report this to the city to take care of this? we live in Taipei.

Get a bunch of cats…

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Terriers do a much better job as long as they are not local “hand bag” dogs.

We had a similar problem in a park here in Kaohsiung, spoke to the township office - rat problem gone, park tidied up.


Which part of “public” don’t you understand???

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yup but the rats are dirty city rats not fresh country ones. Your dogs will get diseases from Taipei sewer rats. :dark_sunglasses:

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The exterminators are scared of coronavirus and the rats are taking full advantage :wink:

It happened when some unenlightened soul got rid of neighborhood cats. There is a correlation. Which makes it worse when rats grow as big as cats.

Call 1999.
Talk to the lizhang.
Join the morning cleaning volunteer gang. This will also give you brownie points with elderly neighbors in the gang.


Let the cats get the diseases. No one will feel sorry for them.

Or go after the rats with BB guns.

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apparently cats outside wreck the ecosystem pretty good. gotta say alley cats don’t bother me one bit though. they keep to themselves, they look like quite at home and yea less rats and cockroaches? why the hell not. people seem to enjoy them too.

I love to pet any cats friendly enough to let me pet them… they’re cute and they’re really good for getting rid of little nasty critters that dogs can’t be bothered to get to (or too stupid to get to).

What you need is some sort of piper…

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Can I swap the OP for our cats? At certain times of their, ahem, probably making up terms here, mating cycle, our neighbourhood cats wail in clans in the early hours of the morning, and it is loud. At least rats just run around having a little party in your rubbish and don’t wake us poor light sleepers up.

the rats on the roof next door used to have a little party making noises running about doing god knows what. didn’t hear them anymore, now they are all dead. neighbors poisoned them and left them to rot on the roof. gross. but preferable to before.

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If we lived in a fair world I would be able to take the same approach with these dreadful neighbourhood cats of mine. Speciesism.

Umm, except when they do each other outside my window at 4am.

Rats are everywhere.

Who would you “report this to the city” back home?

back home there is a sanitation department in the city hall that is responsible for exterminating rats, mosquitoes etc in public spaces.
if it is in your house, you call a private exterminator.


thank you

I think these are omnipresent. But patrols to hunt down standing water are a good idea.

Ymmv if that party happens to take place in your bedroom. :idunno:

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