Reasonable Air Purifier Recommendations

I plan to buy an air purifier for a medium-size (~12 pings) living room. Since the famous Coway AP-1512HH is very hard to find here, I was planning to go with Honeywell HPA-200APTW until I read about their inefficient power consumption. I plan to run my air purifier 24x7 and don’t want to add 200NTD per month to the electricity bill with Honeywell.

Are there any affordable (at most 6000 NTD) and power-efficient air purifiers here with HEPA filters? Where can I find them?

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I’m also surveying for one.

I guess it just depends on what kind of particulates you are looking to filter out. If you just want to get rid of allergens or small particles like PM2.5, then I suppose any air purifier with a HEPA filter sufficient for your room size would do.

If you are also worried about Formaldehyde and VOC being slowly released from your decor and furniture inside your place, then HEPA filers alone aren’t going to cut it.

As for cost, you also need to factor in filter replacement.

By the way, they do sell Coway air purifiers here in Taiwan. Perhaps not that exact model, but I see many Coway models when I go to department stores.

I like how this one shows charts for the effectiveness for different particulates.

There’s air purifier made by a Singaporean company called Poiema that’s spending a lot on promotions lately. It claims that its filters can be washed, and doesn’t require replacement, and its TPA technology can neutralize Formaldehyde and VOC.

I haven’t made up my mind yet.


There’s a HEPA class too, i.e. not all HEPA are equal. We ended up with a Dyson because at the time we purchased a few years ago, its filter had the finest grade HEPA class. Things have probably changed since then though.

I’m aware of all the classes. The prices can easily go in tens of thousands of NT range if you go for the latest and greatest, so I just wanted a reasonably priced one with a True HEPA filter. The Coway AP-1512HH is super popular in the US and only $150 on Amazon right now, but unfortunately shipping to Taiwan is $170. They aren’t selling this model in Taiwan at the moment.

Not quite a response to your question, but just wondering why many hypermarkets in Taipei sell air purifiers while the air quality in Taipei is generally very good (contrary to the south of Taiwan)?

People are paranoid.

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I like the Costco one. The cheapest is around 8800 and it’s rated pretty good. Winix zero:

It’s at Costco guandu. I’ve owned two of these things and they’re pretty good! Costco lets you return if there’s any issues or you just don’t like how it looks. It’s easy to sell it after a year for 5k so it’s practically free. Keep the Costco receipt. Warranty is good for many years unlike some other brands.

If you go there you can grab two chicken pieces for 89 NT from their cafeteria and the free food samples

Also this can create some white noise if you have trouble sleeping or want to drown out some surrounding disturbances. I put it next to my bed when I sleep and I don’t hear the construction downstairs.

With the exception to ionizers and ozone makers, air purifier is literally a box with a HEPA filter mounted to it and a fan to move air through them. I could make one myself…

Contrary to popular belief, Costco doesn’t need a receipt for returns or service. They have record of your purchase on your membership file.

That receipt paper fades in a few months anyways.

Like this?

Maybe… don’t? Get a PM2.5 handheld monitor and only turn it on when needed which is likely less than 20% of the time.


Just found Levoit Core 300 on Amazon with Free Shipping to Taiwan in a recent promo. This is an absolute steal for NTD 3000 all-inclusive.

Most air purifiers come with that functionality.

小米空氣淨化器 3 - 小米官網 - 小米台灣官網 (

Probably the best value around, replacement filters are reasonably priced too.

Don’t know about the price range the OP is looking at. Can’t see one on the Coway or the other one that he linked.

The honeywell one OP mentioned (which I have) doesn’t. My A/C units do though. But to measure I imagine it has to be blowing air so it would only be good at telling you when to turn it off and not passively let you know when to turn it on.

Does this one include a HEPA filter? What class is it? I don’t see any HEPA mention on the official site…

Is there a way to install HEPA filter to AC units? All air purifiers is just a fan that blows air through a filter.

Dyson has a stealth detection option that would turn on the fan below the lowest fan speed that we can manually set so that it can detect air quality without generating noticeable noise.

The Dyson auto mode does a reasonable job. A couple of times when the AQI has been high outside it automatically spins up high as you would expect. One morning I found it had cranked up after being on zero when we went to bed, I checked the AQI and one of those smog clouds had blown in.

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