Reasons for NWOHR getting TARC

Thank you! Makes a lot of sense.

hello @Lain @multipass @tando read this amazing thread. seeking your advice in case you can shed some guidance to how I should proceed. Do you think I can qualify for AF384 for TARC? I was told by TECO Manila that I’m ineligible since my father has passed away and I don’t have direct lineage in Taiwan…

Here is my background:

  1. I have no direct lineal relatives living in Taiwan.
  2. I have an NWOHR passport since I was a minor till current 39 years of age. Also holding Philippine citizenship (dual citizenship is allowed.)
  3. Father was a naturalized Taiwanese 5 years after I was born.
  4. Father has died in Philippines. Taiwan doesn’t have record of his death yet. Father was sick for few years prior to his death and he didn’t get to return to Taiwan during this period. His household registration is inactive I suppose for around 5 years now.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hey @purplehome,

I’m not sure if we ever figured out the case of people whose parents became Taiwan nationals with household registration (aka citizens) after the child is born, and whether or not they can apply for AF384.

AF384 is roughly “children born overseas to nationals with household registration” – in our research, it seemed that this applied to children of people who are nationals of Taiwan with household registration at the time of birth. What TECO Manila told you could be correct, but I’m not 100% sure.

I would recommend that you write to NIA or visit NIA in Taiwan, and ask if you qualify for AF384. For example, you could say, “AF384 doesn’t mention anything about when the parent became a national with household registration. My parent was a national with household registration, and I am this parent’s child, so therefore I meet the requirements as written there.” That said, I think it might be difficult, because I believe the actual implementation of this law has been for children born overseas to nationals with household registration at the time of birth, and it seems like it may have been this way for years.

That said, I still suggest you try discussing this with NIA. Sorry I can’t be of much help otherwise. I did some searching on the forum because I thought we discussed this with someone before and maybe you could reach out to them, but I think it turned out that maybe that person’s parent had actually been a national with household registration when they were born.

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Just as a reference, the inquiry above is a continuation of there threads.

This post of @cvg095 may be important. I’m also waiting for an update from the poster.

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thank you @multipass, your response is much appreciated. I guess TECO is probably right. I was hoping there are other ways to get the TARC since I no longer have direct lineal relatives in Taiwan. thanks again @multipass and @tando!