NWOHR applying for citizenship

Hi good day! Can someone help me about my situation. I currently hold a Taiwan passport(but no Taiwan ID or household registration). I obtain my ROC passport through the local TECO in the philippines since my mom holds an ROC passport too(no Taiwan ID or household registration). Due to plenty of information and forums that I have read, I’m kind of lost. Can someone guide me on the process in order to obtain a Taiwan citizenship? And what to do and what not? Much appreciated on tour response(s).

Government site explains most things you need to know. I link some relevant instructions from the website of National Immigration Agency of Taiwan below.
you should reside in Taiwan for a while to get a citizenship.

In the case you can get a residency,

  1. Get your TARC (Taiwan Aria Resident Certificate).
  2. Continuously reside in Taiwan for a certain period on the TARC. The minimum is 1 year with no exit.

If you cannot get a residency,

  1. Get an entry and exit permit. you can stay in Taiwan for 90 days and apply for another 90-day extension once each time.
  2. Repeat visa runs, and continuously stay in Taiwan for more than 183 days each year for 7 years.
  3. Then, you are now eligible to get a TARC.

Short-term residency of nationals without registered household in Taiwan area

you should have some eligibility listed in the following page.

Notices for the Application of National Living Abroad without Registered Household in Taiwan Area for Residence in Taiwan Area

How to get a citizenship.

Notices for the Application of National without Registered Permanent Household in Taiwan Area for Residence after Continuous residence or residence for certain period of time

Hello panda actually tando is correct and we are the same situation and i post also a lot of things here and ask a lot also and tando was so helpful with links and if you dont mind we can help each other

i recently got my taiwanese id after my tarc, thanks to tando and many others here,
i could help if needed =)

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