Reasons to Be Cheerful

OK, in the vein of similar recent threads, I’m looking for songs that make you smiiiiiile. Lord knows, I need it, atm! They can be as shit and embarrassing as you like. No judgement here. Apart from Abba. I hate Abba.

Mmm, no ABBA. How about Bucks Fizz? Like ABBA but double the blondeness.

Love Shack

Whip It … re=related

Dick in a Box (Unfortunately, a bleeped out version)

Disclaimer: Just watching these will not be enough to bring you out of your funk. For the full remedial effect, crank up the volume, maximize the sceen, and jump around your cubicle waving your arms. If your colleagues are like mine, they’ll need a little encouraging before they join in.

Try these:

[b]Come on!

Jia You!

It’s fun!

You don’t know what you’re missin’ out on![/b]

As I lay me down – Sophie B. Hawkins

Enya–How can I keep from singing

CS&N–Southern Cross

Dobie Gray–Drift Away

Eagles–Seven Bridges Road

Steely Dan

Damnit, Buttercup, I just can’t quit! And my boy has heard Drift Away so much he can sing it word for word–and that REALLY makes me smile!

things that make me smile…
King Curtis and the Kingpins “Memphis Soul Stew” Its a shame Irishstu can’t change his name to Memphissoulstu

Ananda Shankar “Streets of Calcutta”

Julie Driscoll “Indian Rope Man”

Bernard Purdie “Funky Mozart” vocalized by Norman Matlock


Need I say more? :laughing: :thumbsup:

This one has always made me want to get up and dance (and smile):

Another, sillier classic:

JP Walk like an egyptian :notworthy: :notworthy:

A new one but it really cracks me up each time

the wedded version


jp, Mirror in the Bathroom, classic! I needed a shot of that after the whole Unions thread…

Has anyone seen the promo for a new food show (including a portly chef making cakes) recently, with a male opera singer in the background merrily singing ‘lalalalalalala’? What is that from, Marriage of Figaro, or what? I don’t really know my operas. That one makes Dragonbabe smile.

This song put a smile on my face, especially the thought of being accosted by the NHS spec-wearing morrisey bicycle gang in a wet street in Salford.


Doo wop!

“The Martian Hop,” by the Ran-Dells. One of the weirdest and silliest songs ever to chart.

“Papa Oom Mow Mow,” as performed by the Persuasions

More Persuasions, this time singing Sam Cooke’s “Win Your Love for Me”

This one, DB?

Obviously haven’t seen it, but it is used in adverts everywhere! Yup, it’s Figaro.

All good stuff - me an my headphones will have fun today. Keep 'em coming.

Here’s the one. Goddamn, but listen to the funkmeister who played the guitar. I’d forgotten all about the Blockheads until this thread. Funkadeliciously funky!

Bronski Beat - Why?

The Velvet Underground: “What Goes On” (live)

The Ramones: “I Wanna Be Sedated”

Professor Longhair: “Tipitina”

Or, for a non-purist look at Mozart operas, the Swingle Singers’ arrangement of the overture to the Magic Flute:

My gay flatmate used to shag that wee midget in Bronski Beat. Nice bloke.

I won’t be able to play that and answer until tonight (there’s no sound on this PC). But here are a few more names:

Anything by Young at Heart, including I Wanna Be Sedated, for instance
Moxy Fruvous – Green Eggs and Ham
They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV
I’d Rather Have A Bottle In Front Of Me (Than A Frontal Lobotomy) - Dr. Rock
Dead Puppies - The Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band
The Lumberjack Song - Monty Python
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
The Bricklayer’s Song