Recovery of black boxes from 737 crash in Iran

About the Black Boxes being sent back to the US for reading: Iran isn’t following suit regarding the Ukrainian 737 crash in Tehran according to latest reports (ref: RT/News with Rick Sanchez) as they don’t trust the handlers. Should Taiwan?

Why can’t the people in charge at Boeing or those occupying the US government at the FAA … who’ve already admitted allowing Boeing to basically self-certify faulty software … send their seriously compromised technical experts with whatever gear is required for reading Black Boxes to the jurisdictions experiencing American aircraft crashes … to unlock the vital information in a manner which may not be totally corrupted in order to exonerate their masters or propel an unsavory executive-level political agenda?

They’re just going to make it ‘pilot error’ … for dollars.

Sorry, should Taiwan what, when?


Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean your post makes any sense…


Breaking up a 100+ word run-on sentence with a series of random ellipsis doesn’t make it any easier to understand.


The reason Iran is withholding the black box is likely because they shot the plane down with a SAM and don’t want to admit it.

So far it’s the Ukrainians that are asking for the information, I don’t see why Taiwan or any country would have a problem passing on copies of the black box to all relevant authorities and interested parties to determine the cause of the crash (unless like in the case of Iran, they already know and are trying to hide it).


Maybe the US government can send him an emergency shipment of commas and periods?

I read it twice and couldn’t figure out what he said.


Something about Boeing being corrupt and lying about flight recorder data on behalf of the US government, I think. At first I thought he was talking about the Iranian air plane that crashed, but it seems he’s talking about the helicopter that crashed in Taiwan last week (again, I think).

I have over a decade experience deciphering meaning from gibberish thanks to my career as an ESL writing teacher. :smirk:


Taiwan foreigner year five syndrome. Down the rabbithole.

The inner monologue becomes the outer monologue.


Apparently he’s in Thailand now. Or maybe he just thinks he is… :astonished:


What does this have to do with Taiwan?


I think it’s because some Taiwanese airlines have been refusing to fly over Iranian airspace since the recent crash.

That’s the main point. Another example would be missing time on recordings after Black Box ‘inspection’ for the MH17 crash. If you want to tease me, please first wait for the Black Hawk report. If you don’t think the system is corrupted, you’re seriously wrong.

I can understand why Iran might not want to give the black box to the US.

But that’s a Ukrainian aircraft and they should let them in on the investigation.

Iran is almost certainly hiding something if they don’t even want to give it to Ukraine.

Here’s my theory: they couldn’t find the black box and don’t want to admit it.

Why not say that vs letting people think you accidentally shot it down trying to flex.

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They said they are not sending the black boxes themselves but will send all interested parties the data retrieved from the boxes. I don’t know if there is any way to make sure the data is authentic or not though.
This is such a mess. Not sure what happened but the timing is definitely sus. Regardless of what happened though, once again it’s only innocent civilians that suffer.


You just hope the families at least get some closure.

US spy satellites suggest Iranian missile brought down the plane

My premise is they’re not thinking too clearly.

Thou shalt not be in the wrong place at the wrong time.