Red envelopes

Question. If I have members on my team, I’m guessing it’s expected that I give them red envelopes for new year ? This is personal not related to the company bonus or anything.

Is 6 an ok number with good meaning ? Was thinking of putting in 600. Someone told me 800 would be to much.

Pretty clueless at this.

Don’t give 4!

Oh yeah ! Need to avoid that number

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If you’re just their manager and not the company owner, non of them are expecting a red envelope from you.

However, if my manager gave me a red envelope, with even 200NT of his own money in it, I’d think it was a pretty nice gesture.

The point is that the giving of a red envelope is supposed to bring good fortune, which should be more important than the money inside.


This. Also, usually employees only get red envelopes if they work during the LNY holidays.

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You’re not expected to personally give red envelops outside of the company bonus. The top boss at location may decide to do it but it’s typically a gesture so NT$200 is sufficient, again this is a personal envelope and not an expected CNY bonus. If you’re giving publicly make sure you give to everyone unless you want to make a very, very big point. If you’re only giving to your team in an office with several teams, either co-ordinate with the other managers or do it very privately unless you want to make a very, very big point…


Wow thanks for all the knowledge and tips. This really helps.
I’ve even withdrawn money so I can be prepared with new notes !
Guess I have to decide what I want to do now.

If you’re giving it to them after you return from Chinese New Year it’s only expected to be $200nt. Usually given at a lunch or dinner at some buffet restaurant.

Another form of this is a lucky number prize with escalating amounts. Everybody chooses a number from a box and the corresponding number is drawn out and you get whatever envelope is numbered for that.

That sounds like a fun activity ! Might use this for other occasions too

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No need to give a red envelope as a manager unless you own the company or something.

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You can give it to me.




To be honest, whatever you decide based on your position and relationship with your employees…the proper time to give them the red envelope has passed. Dates are very important here.

The only way you would get away with this looking good (if you even need to do it in the first place) is if you physical looking isnt Han. If you look different they can.all have a good laugh about the foreigner fucking up the dates but still respects us and it can be turned into an endearing situation ripe for team building! If you look Han, it would probably look more like you fucked up, was told, then tried to correct it after the fact. Which would cause huge amounts of time and energy back tracking and story telling, which likely wouldnt even work as most are not so naive :slight_smile:

but as most said, you lead the team, the bonus is from the big boss/company not you. Unless you are a sub contract literally running your own team. which makes you the boss.

Thanks for insightful knowledge of how things work.
Never knew about the proper time before. Very helpful to learn as I live and learn about this country.

Keep in mind every company is different. Many here will disagree with me as I do with them. but we can both be right (or wrong) at the same time. That is the same.everywhere I think.

Taiwan is famously flexible while claiming it isnt, however. It’s far more than just simple face. but that’s a good way to tackle it when new :slight_smile:

Golden rule: Its a rule til it isnt.

many a hardcore traditionalist person here will scream at everyone else for not doing something until it is inconvenient for themselves and all of a sudden it is fine to not obey that rule. Not just work, even ultra scared ritualistic stuff follows this course. Funerals, weddings, banquet etiquette, spirits, driving, work, school and so on.

that is to say, there are few rules here that are strictly adhered to for long, just norms. when one learns to play the game, they can script their own rules and get away with it quite easily. This is actually why Taiwan tends to evolve so fast and change certain things quicker than other countries cultures. In my opinion

For better or worse, it tends to be in how you talk. Hierarchy remains important in Taiwan :slight_smile:

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LNY won’t end until Feb. 5, which is the 15th day of the new year, aka Lantern Festival. That would be the last day that giving red envelopes is still considered appropriate. For bosses, the first working day after returning from the new year holidays would be the best time to give red envelopes.


Sure, maybe for bosses it is better. But the OP is trying to team build. So one may consider that. Of course, the company is thinking accounting, to each their own. but generally speaking, you do stuff before, not after in Taiwan. Not just for red envelope (the holiday continues, but the meaningful days for red envelope is basically over now, hence my.ppijnt.above on how you would be judged doing things early vs late) but for things like birthdays and all that the general “mood” culturally is before not after. It is still ok to do it after, or some things. Again the golden rule. but if the goal is to truly team build, I think the person asking has the right attitude in that should try hard to do it right. In that sense, timing is everything.

I havent met Alderson that wont take free money, but I have countless that complain/gossip/shit on their boss behind their backs about giving them free money the wrong way. It’s a bit strange, but reality so far as i have seen.

Best way is to know your team’s background and get to know them intimately. there are also cultural differences within Taiwan that can prove either problematic or advantageous.

End of the day, just smile and through your genuine actions have them know you are trying and do care. Many willaccept, and hopefully fill you in on the details as you go. As you do with them on the job. The ones that cant accept that are probably worth firing in the near future.

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Who the fuck is Alderson?


Some guy who won’t take free money and who @Explant hasn’t met.


Got it. Thanks ! I’ll have to keep learning about my company’s people culture. Guess some trial and error along the way.

I see. Thanks for the advice !

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