Redpill me on 7/11 stickers

Redpill me on the stickers 7/11 sometimes gives me. Are the things you can get with them good deals?
I’ve always ignored them but yesterday the guy gave me the little pamphlet thing and I had a look at it and the Mondaine watch caught my eye. I’ve been thinking I’d like a watch but don’t want to buy a cheap crappy one. Almost 50% off rrp for 6 measly stickers seems kinda too good though.

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Please respond

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he doesn’t already collect the stickers /
/ cringe and bluepilled

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Sticker deals are only really worth it if you get your friends and coworkers to agree to donate their stickers to you. But since you are not Mr. Popular, you might have some trouble with this.

Just get yourself a nice digital casio, old school style.

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You mustn’t be a frequent 711 shopper? I can easily collect enough stickers for the crap 711 shills.

Maybe I just waste too much money at 711🤔

I personally favor the gold. Silver is great too, though, if it flatters your skin tone more.

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I honestly don’t shop enough anywhere to collect the stickers for anything. Except maybe PX mart.

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Whoa…that’s pocket protector-level shit. :grin:

You only need like 6 stickers for the watch and it’s lick half price o.o

It’s true, I am a nerd.

I just got the meme coffee maker. Those 75 stickers were worth it.

What’s it look like?

How much is it with the 6 stickers?

Bonus points for this one.


I bet this would actually be wider than my wrist. My tiny, tiny wrists…


I’ve been looking for this watch for along time to complete my aesthetic. 4500 is a deal!!

Forget about the wrists. It’s all about the calves.

That’s weird.

Is that from the Bodum deal at PX Mart? What is the meme one? You mean the epebo?


Bah. I’m looking at pictures of this brand of watch right now and I just don’t think it’s worth it.

This might be the most confused aesthetic I have ever seen.