Remove support for iOS and Safari versions 13 and below

Discourse Is going to force iOS users to update or purchase new devices or else Forumosa will become basically unusable.

Just so ya’ll know. I ain’t buying a new iPhone Or iPad and I’m not updating my iOS version on my old gear. So, my posting will soon be curtailed.

This situation sucks and it just smells like Discourse is in cahoots with the device manufacturers to make us always spend more money on the latest and greatest products. $$$&&$$$$$


Except Discourse is open source. They couldn’t monetise this in that way even if they wanted. It’s hard to maintain support when the labour pool consists solely of volunteer work.

Has nothing to do with purchasing devices and they don’t benefit if you buy a new device anyways.


Alrighty then, why? Why screw with people like this? Forcing upgrades to iOS and if you’ve still got an iPhone 5, then you have to buy a newer device as iPhone 5 can’t be updated to iOS 14 or higher.

Because software development is notoriously difficult. You fix one bug and two more pop up. Then you have to test it on as many devices as you can get in a model that relies only on donations and volunteers.

Companies have a hard enough time doing it with cashflow.

And remember. Open source is not only COMPLETELY FREE as in free beer, but COMPLETELY FREE as in freedom in regards to modification and whatever you want to do.

Your iPhone 5 is 10 years old too. That may mean they need to constrain themselves and not release new features.


May I ask why you still have an iPhone 5? What are the advantages of using such an old phone? Is it more durable like the old Nokia phones?

I’ve got an iPhone 6. Does Spotify and works fine using Firefox. Why pay for a new phone that costs more than my car if i’m not going to use any of the new features?


You can get a used iPhone SE2 (which has the internals of an iPhone 11) for $200US from a used electronics dealer, or $100 direct from the seller.

But of course, that may be a wasted $100 if you’re only using your phone for Spotify and Firefox.

Nooooooooooo… not the et al hidden gems!

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For the past three days I’ve considered how to respond to your query without sounding like a fucking asshole and going on a huge rant. Unfortunately, it’s probably unavoidable.

So, let me just say that I’m not a fucking phone zombie. A phone is for communication and I’m not beholden to the damned thing. You’ll never catch me with my head down staring intently at my screen whilst walking, waiting for a bus, waiting for the MRT, sitting on the MRT or bus, or sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop. I fucking hate those that do, so I’m doing a lot of hating since the advent of the “smart” phone.

Why do I even have one? Because my simple flip phones no longer work as they were 2G or 3G, etc. No longer supported. But, I’ve never bought a smart phone. All have been hand me downs from my wife as she’s had to constantly upgrade over the years due to her career. I have an Iphone 4 and and Iphone 5 which are now only useable as MP3 players. I’ve got an Iphone 6 which can only be upgraded to the maximum iOS 12.5.6, which although functions fine, will not be able to participate on Forumosa shortly as this dumb Discourse is going to require iOS 14.0+. I assume that shortly other apps will need to be updated and my Iphone 6 will soon turn into a glorified MP3 player as well.

So, update update update,buy buy buy…the next greatest thing…gotta plug in,gotta be connected to the all mighty Internet…head down syndrome…turn into a fucking phone zombie. No way.

Technology is cool. It’s amazing. But when it ceases to be a tool and becomes an obsession and/or an addiction then we lose what makes us human.

I could easily go out and buy the newest Iphone 14 or whatever the fuck is out there now…In fact, I could go buy one for me and one for my wife right now, but I won’t. Fuck that. Well, if my wife needs one for her career, then of course I’d buy her anything she wants or needs. I’ve asked her, but she said, “Why buy something new when what I’ve got works fine?” Her car was brand new in 2009 and still looks new. I’ve got a 25 year old car and it runs fine. Do I really need to go out and buy a brand new car? What for?

Original question:
What is the advantage for using such an old phone?

Answer: It works just fine. For now.


I know what you mean. That’s how I got started using Linux.

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I don’t think it at all comes across as the former. A bit of the latter, sure, and it’s not how I handle my tech purchases (tech addictions?), but good on ya’.

So, last night, 2023-02-21 became “soon”.

After walking the dogs on a drizzly cold evening, I sat down with my Ipad and a nice hot cup of Rooibos tea to scroll through the day’s happenings on Forumosa.

No joy. Last night became the date that “This site will soon remove support for iOS and Safari versions 13 and below.” Since I refuse to update my iOS devices, I can no longer participate on Forumosa with my Ipad or my Iphone.

I took my wife’s new Iphone 14, just to check if hers worked and it did. Discourse has fucked Forumosa users who refuse to update their iOS systems to the latest and greatest, which would slow them down to the point that they are unusable anyway.

I’m now relegated to using only my desktop or notebook computers.

Suck suck suck suck!

This affects many people.


I mean, it’s not just Discourse. All operating systems become obsolete little by little, as they become unable to support new software features over time. It’s been this way since the dawn of computing.

You’re not meant to only buy one phone or computer and use it for a whole decade, like you would a car or a house. If that was the case, then each person on the planet would only own 5 or 6 phones in their entire lifetimes, and then phone/computer manufacturers would charge a lot more for them.

We live in a capitalist society, and unfortunately, that’s just one of the downsides of capitalism that we have to put up with.


I don’t even know if this stuff works on my Samsung Galaxy. I can’t be arsed with websites when I’m out. I do all of my browsing at home. Buttttt… if I had to go to hospital I may be quite bored.

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But, I’m cheap! And I’m currently typing this message on a desktop computer that is over 10 years old. Works just fine with no issues. Desktops are easily upgradeable and aren’t as much of a pain in the ass like mobile baby tethers which seem to have a new system update every couple of weeks.

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You kinda set yourself up for this when you got apple devices. With android (or any other relatively open system) just load a different browser, edit the useragent if necessary, and keep using as before.

I find it interesting how different you and I perceive what is “easy”. For me, I’d much rather get a weekly automatic software update over the air and order a new phone every two years than deal with physically opening up a desktop computer and replacing a chip.

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If you read the top of the thread from the beginning, I mentioned that I hate smart phones, never bought a smart phone, didn’t want a smart phone. My wife requires one for her profession, so she’s passed her hand me downs to me once my trusty flip phone would no longer work on the cell networks because you know 2G/3G. So, now she’s got the new “Iphone 14 max super plus XX best ever” and that will become mine once she gets the latest Iphone 29 with 30 cameras on the back.

So, I didn’t kinda do anything such as setting myself up by getting blah blah blah, Apple hater.

Stay off my lawn!



Given your statements, why are you even complaining about lack of ongoing support for something you claim you don’t want to use? Just use your old computer and be content.

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