Report driver without a license to the police


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This has caused more accidents in Taiwan than you would believe.

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Hey, that’s not fair! The Taiwan library card uh driving license is not thaaaaat unsecured. After all, it’s printed on special thick paper with yellow logos on the background, a plastic foil is covering the paper and the photo, and the whole contraption is 3D-Stamped with a seal on the photo and some plum blossoms on the sides.

I would say that some pretty legit copy / fake protection. Not.


You’ve come to the right place.

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Is this even a problem these days. I don’t think many manuals are sold anymore in Taiwan.

I used to know someone who had a fake UN driver’s license (bought on the street in Thailand) which was officially translated and seen as legit when he was involved in an accident here.

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Yes a number near misses for me.

What are you talking about…just do it.

I think you are ethically and morally obligated to, personally, escort him to the hoosgow.

Worst part is that it’s the door openers fault even if the driver/rider is going the wrong way. WTF?

They can still roll back a little. But most cars have hill assist nowadays.

Nike ads?

I don’t really get it. Why would an automatic car need hill assist? Isn’t it just break and then gas. What needs assisting?

It can happen the moment between releasing the brake and engaging the accelerator. Hill assist engages the transmission automatically to avoid rolling back slightly. Some people can’t time the change very well, and some cars even flash up warnings if you engage the accelerator while mildly breaking. The dual clutch ‘autos’ , like Ford’s Powershift, are the worst affected.

I guess some people really don’t have the technical skills I thought was just how everyone drives.

It’s not technical skills you need, it’s fine motor skills.