Reporting people who covertly take inappropriate photographs on the MRT

Saw a guy take a pic of the girl sitting across the aisle from him, from roughly crotch level to same. I don’t think he realized his flash was on. :unamused: Dumbass.

It’s not like he really got anything anyway, since she had shorts on, but still.

How easy is this to get away with here? Anyone have some good websi . . . uh, I mean, can people just contact the MRT staff or something? Is there video on all of the trains (other than any being privately taken up skirts, I mean)? I know some have video, but I’ve only seen them on the most modern cars, and it’s not clear what the cameras cover.

Entrepreneurial opportunity: underwear or shorts with “fuck off” written on the crotch, for just this type of situation. It can’t be worse than pants with “pink” across the rear in big letters, after all.

They already have these in the nightmarkets.

This is why you can’t turn off the clicking noise when you take a photo with your phone, isn’t it? Otherwise I’m sure the man who was photographing every page of a book in the library last week would have silenced his phone. :unamused: But then the MRT’s so noisy you have to raise your voice to talk.

I saw a big beefy guy with a ‘Think Pink’ T-shirt on the other day.

As long as her modesty is not compromised. That is no vagina or undies or breasts are showing. I dont think its considered illegal. There are tons of very attractive girls on the MRT. Its not surprising if some lads take it upon themselves to take pics of the girls.

Luckily most TW girls are ok with the attention. American girls wouldve had the guys hauled off by the fuzz if you take a pic of them without permission.

Eventually though we are going to hear of a girl going postal on a guy on the MRT for taking her pic.

I just tested it, all I did was turn sound off on my phone and it didn’t make a click when I took a picture. Though I have a kind of older and cheapish smart phone (Samsung Exhibit II 4G) running Gingerbread, so maybe it’s different in updated Android.

I tested it just now on a Samsung Note with Jellybean. No noise when sound turned off.

And did the girls complain Guys? :whistle:

I have a generic phone. With my generic camera app, I have an option to turn off or change the camera sound but it is locked. I can’t seem to change it.

I downloaded another camera app called. “One Shot Camera” that allows me to turn off or on the camera sound. It worked. The volume control did not have any effect on my camera sound. By the way… the camera app warned me that this control will not work on some mobile phones but it did work on mine.
My phone brand name name is G-plus. If someone can tell me where the camera sound lives, I’d like to at least change it to a more appropriate sound … “silence” would be nice but better would be a construction worker’s whistle or the “Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah” song from some movies about looking up girls skirts or something… ( What was that movie? I think the song was the only memorable part.)

Someone should let him know that it’s free to borrow books from the library.


Maybe it’s a reference book that doesn’t circulate? Maybe he can’t buy it locally? More importantly, how would he manage these files and use them later for comfortable reading. I need to do this where I want to annotate some books but I don’t want to write in my copy. At least I have a scanner. Now let’s get back to the original topic…

They should outlaw diper shorts… I’m like out getting breakfast for the family paying attention to the road. Pot holes you know… These Nanuk of the north books walk in front of me several meters up the road. White furry things that end at the knee. . Being a good driver, I have to follow all paths. I followed the path up to what looked like a short skirt but it was really shorts that looked like a diper. Never saw anything like that before. A bit longer skirt where you could not see anything would have been more stylish. Maybe photos of that would cure the guy.

My camera doesn’t make any noises when I take a photo.

Good to know! :smiley:

The short fuzz, not the long fuzz, at that.

With my luck. . . .

There are several Android apps specialized in doing just this (scanning documents and organising them for reading).
Don’t remember the names but i can try to find them if interested.

I use Camscanner but I only use it for some individual documents, I don’t think it would organize whole books.

Just pay and get a motel room. Anybody that watches to take photos up skirt , might just get lucky enough to meet the right whacko lady (lossly speaking)) But who pays whom? Beam us up Scotty. no intelligent life on this rock.

The shutter noise thing got me puzzled so I googled and apparently it’s just on some phones, but it is due to privacy concerns: … 3-0140653/

My smartphone doesn’t make any noises when it records video (wink, wink, eyebrows, and all that).

So I bought a sexually inappropriate phone, just my luck. :doh:

No idea how to embed videos…

OK… upskirt photography is pretty rude. But here is a question you can ask your “girl friends” or spouses. Ok… spouses… better not you can’t run away…

Do the girls who wear such skirts actually think flashes of panty won’t be shown to guys near by when bending down, riding escalators, dancing, jumping up and down or twirling?

Some brave soul, please ask a girl friend or acquaintance and get an honest answer to post here.

I was looking for a Taiwan variety TV skit about some nerdy guy with two cameras on his shoes pointing up freaking out some high school girls on the MRT but can’t find it so enjoy this instead.