Resident Visas for Joining Family Purpose (Joining Family Visas)

Hi all,
Has anyone gotten a joining family visa? I am looking at accepting a job teaching in Taipei. The school will get me all the needed paperwork, but not my Vietnamese wife and her daughter. I would love some insight.

Resident Visas for Foreign Spouses of Foreigners

Side note: Family members who join you can not work unless they get their own working visa.

It IS a visa for joining family. There are two kinds of resident visas for joining family. One is what you mentioned, for joining family member who is a ROC citizen having Household Registration. The other is for joining family member who holds an ARC, including a ROC citizen without Household Registration.

OP, you will find required info on the web site of TECO at your region, which should be almost identical with the one @slawa provided. If you collect required documents, the process should be straightforward.

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They are all Resident Visas but based on different reasons. Marriage, Dependant, etc.

The term I used (dependent visa) and visa for joining family are not official terms.

yes, that is what I meant. And both of marriage and dependent are categorized as joining family.

the daughter is not your daughter?

I believe she should be your daughter to get an ARC sponsored by you, and I think your wife cannot be a sponsor of her daughter’s ARC.

Edit: Now I think your wife may sponsor her daughter’s ARC. Still no solid ground yet, though.

Thank you all for your information. I am afraid I am even more confused than before. More because I am a bit thick than your input. Also, to be fair it seems a bit of a mess, especially when one adds in the not-my-daughter… If anyone knows someone who has gone through this process can you send them my way? Also, maybe I should talk to a service that helps with this kind of thing. I sent some messages to a few companies I found on Google but the responses were weak to none. If anyone knows a good visa service please pass along the name. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!

I know a guy who got it for his wife, but they were both the same nationality and childless. It was a doddle by all accounts. In your position it would probably be best to visit the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hanoi if you are in Vietnam to ask them, or the equivalent office if you are currently in another country.

From the information you have provided I have to say that if I were in your position I would be looking for a teaching job in Vietnam. Growth market and much more opportunity - especially with a Vietnamese wife. I’m sure you have your reasons, though.

It is clear that your wife can get a resident visa as your spouse, and her daughter cannot get the visa as your child. So, the question is whether the daughter can get the visa as your wife’s minor dependant. It is not so complicated question.

I’m second to @BiggusDickus, that contact to TECO handling your region, or directly to ministry of foreign affair of ROC. They will give you a clear answer, hopefully.

If your wife can sponsor her daughter’s visa, I don’t think you need a visa agency. You should do is to collect listed documents for their visas and to submit applications for all of you at once.

I also think this is possible.

You get your work based ARC.
Then your wife gets her spouse of foreigner based ARC. (Requirement: you have ARC)
Then your wifes daughter gets her dependend (on your wife) based ARC. (Requirement: your wife has ARC)

I guess you have to do it one after another and not at once.

You probably will need to prove that you have enough means to provide for your wife and her daughter.

I think OP should do that at once. OP’s application will be the proof of (future) residency to support his wife’s visa, and his wife’s application would be the same for her daughter. I saw or was said somewhere that when family move to taiwan at the same time with a primary visa applicant, they can apply for visas at once, and that is what I did to get a visa for my dependant.

@stanley2714, anyway, I recommend you to contact TECO at your place. And, any foreign doccument should be authenticated by TECO at the place the document is issued, so you may need some time to get ready birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc., if those are not issued at the place you live now.

I know some friends who got the same situation about 5 years ago. The main work-based ARC holder, his wife and her daughter. All arrived in Taiwan with visitor visas. Then they tried to apply at BOCA in Taipei for resident visas first. The applications from main holder and his wife were accepted but for the wife’s daughter, the main holder was suggested to adopt her first. Such route is possible.

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