Return of Taishang Thread

Thread to keep an update on the returning Taiwanese companies.
Three companies just invested a total of 3.5 billion TWD (116 million USD) in Taiwan today
GMT Global-

From its beginning, the Return to Taiwan policy has already brought back 169 companies and over 700 billion in Twd(23 billion USD) in investment


It will be great when/if Tsai keeps promoting human rights, peace, independance etc and many businesses continue coming here to invest and develop. There is no better F you one could gift China with. I am hopeful :slight_smile:

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Some of the companies coming back are essential to the supply chain of China products.

Key suppliers to Apple, Dell, and HP, such as Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn), Pegatron, Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics and Inventec, were among the 169 companies that shifted some production back to Taiwan last year, according to the Economics Ministry. This created nearly 60,000 new jobs.

Taiwan doesn’t have an unemployment problem though, it has wage stagnation.


Great Nature article on how the return of manufacturing to Taiwan has enabled the development of smart manufacturing.

When Taiwanese manufacturers began moving factories to mainland China in the 2000s, it harmed the development of smart manufacturing technology on the island, explains Stephen Su, who runs a centre at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a government-funded research and development centre in Hsinchu. The institute, founded in 1973, has acted as an incubator for several Taiwanese companies, including the TSMC.

Now the government is “pouring resources” into smart manufacturing “because it’s the future of production”, Su says.

I actually don’t understand why you need to be actually manufacturing a lot of things in order to be working on smart manufacturing.


What do you mean? Would you not be in the car industry if you wanted to manufacture cars in a smart way?

Taiwan is amazing at production logistics and patenting manufacturing processes. We moat certainly need to be in this game. Taiwan is one of the few places that could also probably succeafully allow full automation while sustainably managing a socialist democracy. Taiwan is in a great spot to lead, innovate and become a spotlight of possibilities.

Probably wont…because, ya… But very doable here! Great chances now that china is getting (hopefully) karma and the new gov isnt totally pro suicide.

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