Returning to Taiwan - quarantine at an Airbnb?

Does someone have a link to where I could make the application to get the rebate?

Here in Chinese. You (quarantined person) need a hukou, citizenship, registered in Taipei.


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Ah, thanks, so that won’t apply to me as a newly-arrived gold card holder.

The MOHW staff only care that you have your own room and bathroom and do not have people in the same unit who are 65 and older, 6 and younger, or have high risk conditions. It’s not their job to enforce tourism bureau regulations, just like it’s not their job to enforce building code violations. No one is going to ask at the airport how long your lease term is. But they will ask who lives with you and whether you have your own room and bathroom.

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Regarding the number of bathrooms for quarantine, what if we are coming back as a family (2 adults and 2 kids) to our monthly rented house and it’s only have 1 bathroom? Do we have to quarantine elsewhere to a place with 2 bathrooms?

Someone asked it to CDC.

It would be highly plausible that your house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. No one will barge in and verify.

As for each kid needing a room and bathroom, I’m not getting it. I don’t get the CDC explanation above. I thought they let family units stay together in the same hotel room. They can’t expect minors to isolate from their parents for two weeks.

How about furriners married to Taiwan folk?

Thanks for all the replies everyone. I’m actually in Changhua County and in regards to the quarantine hotels, didn’t notice anything remotely close to where I live. Since apparently the government does not offer any hotels near my home, am I free to pick a location of my choosing if I decide to go that route? I don’t care whether I receive any subsidy or not. Mostly I want to be in compliance with the rules and keeping my family safe.

However, on top of the pandemic/quarantine mess, I’ve just realized my ARC will be expiring while I’m away. So perhaps I will not be allowed to return after all?

You can check the following links

各縣市防疫旅宿連絡窗口 Contact

彰化縣 Changhua

You may need to get a special entry permit with a new resident/visitor visa and get your ARC again. You might be able to renew your expired ARC with some fine, but I’m not sure if you can do it when your ARC expire while you arent in Taiwan. You also need a covid19 test before your flight.

is there any legal hotel? If they accept you doing quarantine, it may be ok. Or I think you can do it at a quarantine hotel in another city before you go back to Changhua.

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What’s the follow-up after the 2 weeks quarantine? I saw it mentioned somewhere (sorry, can’t recall) that there’s a 7-day self-monitor period …is that currently required/enforced and what does it require you to do or not to do?

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Currently in quarantine. I was told after the 2 week stint is up, I will have to wear a mask at all times in public for the next 7 days. I do not believe there is anything else to it, other than that.


I’m a foreigner married to a Taiwanese citizen, and I received that response. It’s still one person per bedroom+bathroom.

The notice says nothing about foreigners.

Avoid public places and public transportation too.

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I had planned on staying at an Airbnb for a month (30 nights), with the first half of my stay being for quarantine. However, my Airbnb host just messaged me to let me know that - per news via the television- the Taipei city government will NOT allow Airbnb hosts to offer rentals for quarantine. Apparently the penalty charge will be up to $5,000 USD.

I asked if he thought I was ok because I am renting for a month, and therefore as a legal rental. He said that the government worries that the quarantine preparation by a private individual rental host is not sufficient and that neighbor complaints would cause a lot of trouble for them.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a news source to post here as supporting evidence since I couldn’t find any, so if anyone has heard or read that this is the case, would greatly appreciate!

In Chinese


Is thee an actual CDC announcement you can link to, not a newspaper? I called the CDC recently and private resident quarantine is perfectly acceptable.

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The point is the Tourism Bureau regulations define “日租套房” as rentals less than one month in length. So the situation described in the article does not apply to monthly rentals. I think that airbnb host is misguided.