Returning to Taiwan - quarantine at an Airbnb?

Hello All,

I’m currently in Taiwan holding a spousal ARC and need to leave this week due to a family emergency in the U.S. When I return to Taiwan, I know I’ll be required to undergo 14 days of home quarantine. However, I do not wish to take a chance of infecting my wife and child during that time (who will both remain in Taiwan).

Does anyone here know if I could book an Airbnb for those two weeks to fulfill my quarantine obligation? It seems I could get food deliveries from Carrefour, Uber Eats and Food Panda and be pretty well set.

Thank you!


It may depend on your location. At least you should book a quarantine hotel in Taipei or New Taipei.


If you are a resident from Taipei city , there is a list of Hotels can apply for a subsidy of NTD 500 per day …
more info in the following link :

You can also check this Home Hotel Daan become a Quarantine Hotel from 4/20-8/31
provide 100 design rooms for quarantine guests

EDIT : In order to get the subsidy You need to be a citizen , have household registration in Taipei city


You should be a citizen for the subsidy maybe.

If you are not in Taipei, you will find a hotel list here.

The airbnb’s we’ve tried dealing with have been rather sketchy, so beware

I’ve booked an airbnb for our return next month. Check out the monthly rental rate as some places give up to 30% discount if you rent by the month - and that also puts you into compliance with tourism bureau regulations cited above. Once you’re doing a monthly rental then it’s 100% legal. I messaged several hosts ahead of booking asking if it was okay for us to quarantine there - most said yes.

Problem with quarantine hotel is that space and amenities are limited - no kitchen, no washing machine, no balcony for fresh air, no opportunity to change your sheets, etc. And from the few hotels that I’ve considered they only deliver ubereats to the room during regular meal times and there’s no microwave. Hungry between 7pm and 6am? Tough.

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At least there’s a lot more options now. Back in April when I checked, that website only had 4 hotels and daily rates were around 6-10k TWD.

For airbnb I guess you should try find a place where the delivery person can go to your unit directly.

I’m blind… I can’t see what regulations are cited? Do you mind sending me a link? Thank you, I’m looking into Airbnbs at the moment as well.

Without a hotel license, renting a room for daily or weekly rate is illegal.
Act for the Development of Tourism

the Chinese articles posted in the linked thread in my previous post say guests of illegal airbnb
could be fined based on Special Act for Prevention, Relief and Revitalization Measures for Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens

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For your perusal.

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Ahh I thought it was something specifically pertaining to quarantine locations. Got it, thank you kind sir.

I’ll go through it tonight, many thanks.

Does someone have a link to where I could make the application to get the rebate?

Here in Chinese. You (quarantined person) need a hukou, citizenship, registered in Taipei.


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Ah, thanks, so that won’t apply to me as a newly-arrived gold card holder.

The MOHW staff only care that you have your own room and bathroom and do not have people in the same unit who are 65 and older, 6 and younger, or have high risk conditions. It’s not their job to enforce tourism bureau regulations, just like it’s not their job to enforce building code violations. No one is going to ask at the airport how long your lease term is. But they will ask who lives with you and whether you have your own room and bathroom.

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Regarding the number of bathrooms for quarantine, what if we are coming back as a family (2 adults and 2 kids) to our monthly rented house and it’s only have 1 bathroom? Do we have to quarantine elsewhere to a place with 2 bathrooms?

Someone asked it to CDC.

It would be highly plausible that your house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. No one will barge in and verify.

As for each kid needing a room and bathroom, I’m not getting it. I don’t get the CDC explanation above. I thought they let family units stay together in the same hotel room. They can’t expect minors to isolate from their parents for two weeks.

How about furriners married to Taiwan folk?