Richart - The first almost/kinda/marginally/minuscularly foreigner friendly bank

This is true. My Citibank card doesn’t work with Line pay at 7-11 or Family mart

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However, when I pay with my line pay, which is linked to my line pay CTBC card, or with icashpay, which is linked to my first bank icash card, payments go through.

Hopefully, I didn’t get this on application.
Authorise at the bank seemed to go through ok.
Then with it being CNY I won’t know for sure until end of next week I guess.

This is currently the only way I am getting immediately notified when the Easy Card recharges 500 NTD during a payment.

Did the bank authorisation. Just went in and gave my ARC and health insurance card. No need to sign any papers or anything… All done!

It appears the request for information per email I received should not be “replied to”. There is another address the information needs to be sent to. I just found that out 9 days later. Sent out today.

I had to sign and chop 4 different papers!

Strange. I went in. She looked at my cards. Had some barcode scanner for my APRC and then told me it would take 30 minutes to take effect


I signed 2 papers, that’s it.


When does your ARC expire ?
More than a year ?


I think she did something wrong if you didn’t stamp any papers.

If you want to set up direct debits the stamp needs the bank has needs to match the stamp on the direct form you provide the company taking your money

Maybe so… however it doesn’t bother me because you should always use your credit card for direct debits anyway…

Has anyone applied for their credit cards? Might add another to my wallet, I really like their online banking.

That and I’d rather support a bank trying to make our lives easier.

Their website says to prepare a Taiwanese guarantor, some enforce it some don’t.

Not richart card, but just applied for the taishin everrich card. They can do the autodebit from richart accounts for the balances, but don’t think we can see the card from richart website, might still need to use taishin app

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Just some more feature requests, which would make a better banking experience:
(All those points are features of my current primary European card from N26)

  • Login with fingerprint
    The login now with two password fields is cumbersome.
    Maybe this can be solved by using the taishin app. Not sure if the richart account can be visible there?

  • Notifications when paying
    At least via sms, better with app notifications (if you are abroad you can’t receive sms)

  • Also show reserved payments, not just only already settled payments.
    This would allow for an immediate check about recent payment history and you don’t have to wait a couple of business days until payments show up in the app.


Added iPASS Money. Has Taishin Bank in the list of supported banks, foreigner Richart account can’t be added though.


I might have run into this limit. :thinking:

My Easy Card already automatically topped up 2x this months, so $1000 TWD.
I used Easy Card today and it failed to auto recharge. I don’t know if it hit a limit or if there was some other issue.

Had to use a different payment option.

I got an email saying to go into the branch to compete foreign currency inward remittance. I emailed them back with a copy of THEIR (English) terms and conditions that clearly state that no one is required to go into branch for foreign currency remittances less than $500,000NTD or equivalent


It is hard to follow transactions because the dates on the statement page are not right.
Here I was wondering how I did a payment at 5:30 am …


The real transaction date was on 2023/01/18 14:46 (according to electronic lottery receipt)

Do they falsely use accounting date for transaction date as well?

@fifieldt Is it possible to get a direct contact to their tech team? I don’t want to waste time going through customer service every time. Or can I send a list to you to forward it? But I don’t want to bother you with this all the time.

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Let’s see how it goes with the interest payment for the first month.
According to the website I should get over 100 NTD for January. :grin: