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Thanks for reporting back lostinasia!

Wow, you were everywhere yesterday.

So you ended up buying another pair of mountain bike shoes? I was going to start talking about how great the new Shimano RC7 shoe is and how everyone said it’s the best bang for your buck shoe on the market.

Congrats on your new shoes!


Yup, mountain bike shoes. They’ve worked for me for, oh, 20 years or so, and from what I read yesterday online I wasn’t convinced to switch over. Riding in the city and on the riverside paths I’m in and out of the clips a lot. Plus that’d have necessitated buying new pedals.


10/10, 100%, two thumbs up, 5 star review agree with you.

Mountain bike shoes are so much more practical than road bike shoes. Road bike shoes are just a little more aerodynamic and cooler looking. I’m going through cleats every 3-4 months whereas mtn bike cleats is maybe a 1 time change a year.

Luckily, I found out that I can buy cleats (that are half the price) from a smaller brand that can work on my pedal system.


Specilized Concept Store in DaJr is pretty good for shoes too. Bought my last 2 pairs of road shoes from there.

For riverside and commuting totally agree mountain bike shoes are the way to go.

I’ve given up buying Look Keo replacement cleats, the wellgo and exustar ones work fine and are much much cheaper.


seriously? you go through cleats every 3-4 months?

i use crank bros on all my bikes and cleats last around 15-20,000 km Thats about 5 years, man. Same as the shoes.

change your pedals!

and yes, no problem with mtb shoes on the road. or any 2-hole shoe… especially if you need to walk into 7-11


I may have exaggerated, but it sure does feel like 3-4 months.

I am on LOOK system and recently found out that EXUSTAR sells the same cleats, but half the price (here in Taiwan). I wonder if they last as long as the LOOK ones.


[quote=“lostinasia, post:140, topic:83077”]
Follow-up for cycling shoes: Columbus Giant, in Tianmu, has far and away the best selection of the three places I checked today[/quote]
Following Lostinasia’s recommendation, did not bother to check the others, and went straight to the Columbus Giant.
They do indeed have a small wall of shoes, but it seems I am limiting myself wanting to use SPD’s.
Tried some of them, but was not convinced, and will probably get back to the internet for the final purchase, not sure.
Friendly people in the shop there though!


Yes, that’s a great shop. Many years ago i raced in their road team. Good experience, great service, wide range of mid and high end stuff, and used to finding larger bikes (many expat in Tienmu area, of course).


Maybe post here too: Racing Fast, quite interesting due to its space.

Twice the size of Columbus Giant, and not having bikes.
They just have accessories and parts, lots of it … medium to top end.
Their wall of shoes is at least twice the size of Columbus Giant, but they were upgrading that part of the shop (actually the neighbor which they just acquired), and I am not sure if they will actually have more or less shoes at the end, but certainly a very spacious presentation.

Nice people too, going with a mix of English and Chinese, no problem.

They are located a 10 min walk from the MRT station, 2 min from the riverside bikeway, and they have a large parking deck just around the corner, if you come by car.

Here you go:

Their presentation:


Where ahve you been all this time? :smiley:

Seriously, that sounds like the kind of shop I was looking for the past years… a place with lots of parts in stock, and hopefully things they want to get rid of… at nice prices :slight_smile:


Their prices seem very competitive, but I don’t doubt they’ll discount you if you’re buying older models.

It’s not too far from my office. I may go check it out after work one day.

Their Ruten page is probably the most well organized Ruten page (for bike shops) I have ever seen.


For reference, I finally paid NT$. 2.500 for the shoes, and NT$. 1.500 for the SPD-SL 550’s.
Compare that to the internet prices :).


I just finished upgrading my third mountain bike from 7 to 9 gears, with the usual stuff replaced and renewed at the same time (shifters, crank, BB, cassette, etc).

I bought all stuff in a bike shop called Velo House in Sanchong.
A bit further away, but perfect to pass on a workday ride up the riverside.
They have a LOT, although little top-end, are most of the time rather cheap, and are easy on replacing.
Their English is limited to non existing though.

It is only the typical cramped shop where you don’t want stay too long, so I check online first, have my wife calling if they have it (so far they never disappointed), then I pick it up on a ride.

Their reference:飛輪單車-時尚家-三重店-桃園店-Y3115883780


Wow, you’re going quite far for your bike maintenance and purchases!

Thanks for sharing!


Try finding a 9 speed thread-on cassette these days … I was about to order in the UK from obsolete stock, when I found these guys, had them ready in their warehouse, saved me from rebuilding my wheels with new hubs.


No wheelsets? :frowning:


Depends what are u looking for.


[quote=“ericinformosa, post:149, topic:83077, full:true”]
Racing Fast, quite interesting due to its space. Twice the size of Columbus Giant, and not having bikes.[/quote]
Can give an other plus on this shop.
Went back to buy a headset for my over-sized MTB frame, something which is kind of out of fashion.
They initially had nothing to fit, but the boss of the shop didn’t want to give up, and came up with a very solid and good solution to “make one out of two”.
I like that attitude, and bought an other pair of the same Shimano shoes, but this time in black, to show my appreciation.

**Now a question; **
Where do you guys buy your shirts? That’s about the only thing I will need to renew, and I can’t seem to find the shop with a rack full for moderate prices.


When you say shirts, do you mean jerseys?

I have found that any name brand jersey will cost you around or more than 2000NT. The jerseys that I normally wear are from team/club jerseys that are custom made by local manufacturers which normally cost around 1400-1700NT. That’s just one small incentive to join a club.

If your budget is below 3000NTD, you can look at local brands such as Frontier, Monton, Atlas or Baisky. Plenty of selections above 3000NTD like Santini.

You can check the above mentioned brand’s websites and see where their distributors are.

Hope that was helpful!