Russia invades Ukraine: General Discussion 2023

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Senator John McCain back in 2014 spelled out exactly what Putin wants, Eastern Ukraone and land bridge to Crimea, plus Moldova and the Baltic states if no one dares challenge him. By showing weakness and reluctance to aid Ukraine, that’s how we signal to Putin it’s ok to start a war.


What a brain eh. So accurate.

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USA looked confused and weak. Planned or not planned to trap Putin, Ukraine war is big victory for the West.
For only 5 % of yearly American budget 50 % of Russian military is destroyed. An army Putin, and communists before have build for decades.
And this witch of Merkel is finally recognized as disaster.


Getting away scot free with invading and occupying Iraq set a precedent for Putin that didn’t help either.

Vlad Vexler’s prediction: 10 years from now, Putin will be much more popular with the “conservatives” in the West. There are already signs of that, but I guess we’ll see. If that’s the case, we are in for a rough 2 decades.

he already is, the extreme right loves the guy. You could replace Desantis campaign ads with Putins face and vice versa and it would be hard to tell who said what. Putin literally said he needs this war because the west is turning kids gay and teaching them multiple genders… :joy: :joy: :joy:

it’s happening but come the fuck on 99% of people are crazed fucking Karens in fact most think the whole thing is a circus.

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Putin will never see the day that Russians are not being killed by Ukrainians. However, this war ends from a macro viewpoint Putin has made enemies of a whole generation of Ukrainians who will be terrorists for the rest of their lives to reap revenge on Putin.

Putin cannot just say he will stop and not pay compensation for destroying billions of dollars of infrastructure…and killing thousands. The only way bloodshed will end is if Putin dies, Russia issues an apology, and makes monetary retributions.

unfortunately russia is just getting stupider as they killed off any opposition. It’s all madmen maniacs. Their state tv is a direct reflection of the shit show circus that is Russia. The best are running away, they have seen the writing on the wall, the mass exodus of smart people is happening. The only ones that will be left will be redneck Alabama trailer trash level lunatics with guns.

I think Russia is forever doomed in a cycle of self destruction.


This is all that’s left in Russia. The loonie tunes.

The video is 4 months old. 3 months ago, the US stated their belief that the Ukrainians were responsible

Is this video still up to date and relevant?

Putin has enough money to keep a large army of people around him for protection and to kill as many of the opposition as necessary to keep him in power. He could kill a million Russians himself and his lifestyle would not be affected very much.

Quoting a war maniac MIC corporate controlled neo-con says a lot how things have changed in 2022.
A shame he never got to see Syria flattened and ran by paid off Jihadist bandits in scores of provinces.

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Vladimir Putin gave eight rings as gifts to the leaders of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries at an informal summit held in St. Petersburg, reported Kommersant. Putin kept the ninth ring.

The Nine Rings of Power are the central artifacts of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings novels. The rings, used by the dark lord Sauron to corrupt men into his service, are the centerpiece of the plot. Nine rings were given to nine kings of men, all of whom subsequently became wraiths known as the Nazgûl, Sauron’s most deadly servants.

I noticed that post by @hansioux , I don’t think it’s possible for @hansioux not to be aware by now that McCain turned up in late 2013 in Ukraine and appeared on stage with Oleg Tyahnybok.

Oleg Tyahnybok, the leader of Svoboda, which has been called an anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi party by the World Jewish Congress and other Jewish organizations, is one of the four “emerging leaders” of the protests, according to The Financial Times.

That was before the coup that overthrew the Democratically elected Russian friendly President Yanukovich.

Then again perhaps John McCain wasn’t thinking too much about it, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, even they happen to be anti-Semitic neo-Nazis.

Business insider noted at the time.

In the past, McCain has sometimes revealed a simplistic, Cold War viewpoint of Russia. You have to wonder if, by going to Ukraine and standing on stage with a man accused of being an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi, he may have shown that trait again.
John McCain Went To Ukraine And Stood On Stage With A Man Accused Of Being An Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi | Business Insider India

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We’re back to Nazis.

That’s what is an appropriate response to what John McCain thought back in 2014 since he was one of the most influential people involved in kicking off this mess. Along with his anti-Semitic neo-Nazi friends he appeared on stage with.

But they hated Russia and Russians, so that was good for the West.

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We possibly need a kind of Likert scale for Nazism. Who prefers Nazi the most, so we can judge all the Nazis involved (and who associates with them) accordingly.

I wouldn’t trust the woke crowd to know the difference. little old lady complaining about a guy waving his dick in the women’s changing rooms “Nazi”. Kid with a red rat and a shit eating grin “Nazi”. People who have a spiritual leader who is a Nazi, wave Nazi flags have swastikas’ as tattoos and express deep seated hatred for Jews “good guys”.

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It’s certainly become an overused word, to the point of meaningless. Possibly best not used in future in that case, or is “neo-Nazi” OK?

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People forget that in 2014 people were sick and tired of non stop never ending wars and was one of the reasons they went with Trump.

Bush, Obama didn’t matter, we got wars in Iraq, Afghanistan coups, in Egypt, Syria and Libya as well as Ukraine. John McCain was in the thick of it along with his buddy Lindsey Graham.

Warmongers, should be despised by all. Back in at the start of the Iraq war there was some vocal opposition to war, nowadays they just censor anyone with wrong think on social media to make it look like everybody supports them.

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