Russia invades Ukraine: General Discussion 2023

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Nah, this is an oversimplification. The battlefield of the mind plays a role, if the Ukranians want to they can choose Russia (some have), or they can flee the country (some have). It is only if enough are determined enough to put their self on the line that there is someone for the US to support.

Look at Afghanistan, where great powers go to die.

That’s like saying the person with the fastest draw would decide, not by the so-called ‘laws’. I mean sure, if rules and common decency have broken down, that’s probably what happens, but is that the kind of the world you want to live in? You think we’d be here on the internet debating for not real purpose at all in the comfort of air-conditioned rooms, living aboard for a decent paying job if that’s the kind of world we live in?

A large exchange of prisoners was conducted on Thursday, February 16. Ukraine brought back 101 citizens. 94 of them are defenders of Mariupol, including 63 soldiers from Azovstal.

alright now this is just fucking insane, this is someshit right out of a movie.

ukranianian rambo destroys entire russian assault unit.
takes out a BMP firing, then chops down 1 guy storming the trench, chops down another behind him, takes put a PKM then lights up the other 2 guys in the brushes.

Sheer determination.



2minute high quality version


Nature is cruel therefore we are also entitled to be cruel.
- Adolf Hitler

Alas, this quote reveals how most powerful world’s leaders think.

Those who can’t correctly assess the main actors and the current world order’s rules are doomed to suffer, and to pay this mistake at the price of their lives.

This would be funny if it weren’t tragic.

Two recent cases.

Both Myanmareses and Ukrainians were conned into believing they could trust the international conventions and treaties.

Because of that fatal overconfidence they escalated with the false sense of superiority in their favor. Remove the international laws and they are naked.

The NO-FLY ZONE trap, that both Myanmarese opponents (PDF, NLD) and Ukraine begged QUAD and NATO respectively to impose never materialized.

These amateurs simply ignored that the use of no-fly zone is a privilege and not at all an international law, used at the discretion of the NATO for its own convenience only: against Iraq, Yugoslavia and Libya.

The other dangerous hype was the Responsibility to Protect – known as R2P –.

▲ Fatal mistake: Calling for an imaginary savior.

▲ Fatal mistake: R2P

Presented falsely as an international norm, this magic umbrella was never deployed to save both Myanmareses and Ukrainians.

That is why these miscalculations have costed so far thousands of preventable Myanmarese and Ukrainian deaths.

Again, I must respectfully disagree.

Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, China, Venezuela, etc have something special in common. The real cause.

In all these regions, great powers have recently been defeated. Coincidence? I think not.
As a matter of fact, this can be explained by a theory, but this would be too long here and off-topic.

The UN charter was not written in hopes of preventing history from being repeated again, but as an emergency face saver.

By simply overlooking the anger of the Western citizens who witnessed first hand the horrors of WW2, the Western elite and rulers would have been overthrown by a popular uprising.

The same most dreaded fear that was haunting the Western leaders since 1815.

Same goes for the annual commemorations of war deaths.

Indeed, the popular masses are easy to fool and appease.

Ukraine might survive but probably diminished in superficy.

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Ukraine might survive but probably diminished in superficy.

Does discobot discuss geopolitics? AI?

What do you have to say about the state of geopolitics today, @discobot quote

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There’s no end to it, that’s for sure. How do you feel about the rise of AI, @discobot quote

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discobot better start getting his quotations right

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What about creation, not just regurgitation

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Stop making shit up

Alas, the fate of the world was sealed with either this world order or a Japanese one.

See, Taiwan would have been under Chinese control:

▲ Pax Nipponica: Ahistorical Timeline of the Neo-Chinese road to exo-diplomatic victory, after 4000 years of civilization.

Who made this chart, Nostradamus?


Well, there is no supernatural intervention, only hard work.


And indeed, OSINT reaching divine level accuracy have already been demonstrated back in 2020:

Someone asked, how did @stoa1984 knew Russia was planning a massive war with NATO? Well, back in the summer 2019, @stoa1984 noticed an increase of Russian PSYOPS on the internet, aimed at capitalising on the nuclear holocaust fear fallacy, targeting the West’s opinion.

This predictive science called ‘Forumancy’ by and developed to a form of Art by @stoa1984 is focussed on finding clues for future world events through the study of all internet forums.

@stoa1984 concluded that only an unprecedented major military confrontation between the 2 nuclear superpowers would benefit from this kind of scare tactics.

Two years later the news headlines didn’t disprove @stoa1984’s analysis.

As a bonus, @stoa1984 can disclose his view on the future development in this Ukrainian Escalation War.

First as the ulterior goal is not the control of Ukraine by either Kiev or Moscow, but the disintegration of both foes, prerequisite for the rebirth of the Askhenaz state of Khazaria, the war must increase both in destructiveness and length.

Proof, the Ukrainian push to repel all Russian forces from their core territories have been systematically hindered by SpaceX.

Starlink could have even allowed to guide with a mobile phone in-real time Ukrainian drones and cruise missiles right to the Kremlin.

And that is precisely what is forbidden by the rules, as Hunger Gamers must stay inside the Arena and expire there.

In addition, a quick collapse of Russia is not allowed either.

Remember, according to the Marxist principle of ‘history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce’, the military intervention of China in the Korean War was triggered by the annihilation of the North Korean forces in 1950.

This time the red line is the annihilation of Russian forces. As Moscow has nearly depleted all its military stockpile, China will send in reinforcements. Like previously in North Korea, where the Chinese armed expeditionary forces was instructed to not go beyond the 38th parallel north and take South Korean territories, this help will not allow the conquest of lands beyond the Ukrainian borders.

Let us examine what kind of military assistance China could offer to Russia.

This time we will use the predictive science called ‘Videomancy’ by and developed to a form of Art by @stoa1984 and focussed on finding clues for future world events through the study of hints pertaining to the sentient Big Data A.I. SKYNET Matrix, intentionally leaked by the ▄▄▄▄▄ in movies, TV serials, documentaries and other video media.

1. OUTSIDE THE WIRE 2021: videomancy of U.S. wheeled self-driving vehicle and robotic armies.

This is only one movie among many others to have depicted an imminent near-future war in an undisclosed Slavic region.

It is therefore assumed that the next phases of the war will be waged with robots. Complementing human military personnel.

Look at these, this is not CGI:

Of course, specialized military type of quadruped bionic robots would carry a small caliber automatic gun.

▲ The China Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation (中国兵器装备集团公司) quadruped bionic robot carrying 7.62 mm caliber automatic gun with targeting optics and radar, is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 1’200 m, machine gun named QBB-97 can fire 650 rounds per minute at a range of 400 m.


Meanwhile larger quadrupedal bionic robots would be able to carry missiles to provide anti-air and anti-tank support.

▲ 人民军队主战主用的新型“尖刀铁拳”。《砺剑》 20230209 智胜未来 陆海奇兵。2023-02-09 22:06


Conclusion, we might soon see an escalation with the deployment by Russian forces of Chinese robotic bipedal, quadrupedal units along aerial drones and Micro Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (MRPA).

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it begins.

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