Russia invades Ukraine: General Discussion 2023

Western people try to understand Russia from the point of view of rationality. Western civization is based on rationality. Coming more or less from XVIII century, the Era of Enlightenment. Russia may mimic and actually mimicked this rationality throughout history. There is nothing rational about Russia. Russia can produce the best scientists, engineers, artists, etc., but as a whole, it is completely irrational. It is an old history. XIX century poet Fyodor Tyutchev wrote: yмом Россию не понять, aршином общим не измерить: y ней особенная стать — в Россию можно только верить, translate: you cannot understand Russia by the mind, cannot measure with a common metrics: she has special quality - you can only believe in Russia. Putin, or collective Putin, they don’t rationalize, they don’t calculate the future. They just deem they can invade Ukraine, they do it… Kiev is where this civilization started (Kievan Rus). Putin said about western partners: мы как мученики попадём в рай, а вы все сдохнете (we as the martyrs will go to paradize, but you will all die). Russia is a kind of ISIS… It is not rational, and the mistake of the west that they try to deal with them from their point of view of rationality.


They don’t perceive Ukraine as a separate people, separate nation, separate state. They perceive it as their own. They perceive them as the Russian people corrupted by the West, historically happened to become a different country. All by the influence of the West, which won in the Cold War.



I suggest this video.

Any updates on the 500000?

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Reminds me of another phantom Russian army from past history (though the jury is still out on this one)

So can’t trust MSM, believe Russians?

Can’t trust Russians, trust the BBC?

Trust nobody, the Russians who say there are no war crimes are lying, and the Russians who say there are war crimes are lying?

It is all so confusing, I wish someone would just tell us what to think!

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You never know in a situation like this. You can be sure this guy will be grilled and maybe never fully trusted as it is a classic disinformation technique.

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It says he has taken evidence with him, so it will also depend on how well this stands up to scrutiny.

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and now you can be like your grandfather and fight the nazis for the glorious russian front. A chance to take down the Evil western empire, NATO.

casket sold separately

For sure. The simple fact that he comes with evidence is a red flag. He could well be legit though. It can be difficult to be certain

If you where planning to defect wouldn’t you gather evidence to support your claims if you had access, simple things like camera footage, copies of orders, anything you could get your hands on, not really a red flag as I would also expect it the other way also.

Now if he turned up and claimed to have a declaration from Putin to nuke Kiev, that would be a red flag.

I would if I could, sure. But, I might not be able to get anything useful, it might be too dangerous, I might think me being a Wagner unit commander would be enough, I was on the run, I might be somewhat more concerned about being executed by sledgehammer, etc. You’re right though, not really a red flag, but it would be expected from a plant. Hopefully our security agencies aren’t too addled from trying to stop people from posting jokes on Twitter or compiling diversity checklists to figure it out effectively.

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From my understanding the Norwegian military is pretty on the ball, let’s just see what comes out that can be verified and try and tune out the scuttlebutt.

“Free Syrian Army brothers on the way to fight against Russians. May Allah protect you!”

Do you think the proverb “greater evil should be warded off by the lesser evil” is appropriate here?

The US is the largest provider of military assistance to Ukraine, having committed $20 billion since the start of the Biden administration. But do you think Taiwan should send military assistance to the Ukraine like other countries do?

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Absolutely. And yet here we are. the same for china on taiwan, and yet, here we are showing weakness. It is hard to watch a slow motion landslide!

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North Korea fighting Ukraine until the last russian. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


More thanks don’t equal more tanks:

Recent remarks by General Milley:

Gen Milley estimated one of the frontlines was similar to the distance between Washington D.C. and Atlanta, or about 1,000 kilometres in length.

“That is a significant amount of territory and in that territory are still remaining a lot of Russian forces in Russian occupied Ukraine,” the 64-year-old military officer warned.

“So, from a military standpoint, I still maintain that from this year it would be very, very difficult to militarily eject Russian forces from every inch of Russian-occupied Ukraine.”

“That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, doesn’t mean it won’t happen but it will be very, very difficult.”

“Gen Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and principal advisor to President Joe Biden and the Secretary of Defense, flagged the leader of the free world and many European leaders believe the only way the conflict will end is through negotiation.

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