Russia invades Ukraine: General Discussion 2023

Stay away from open windows, Kostya

Russian warship protecting pipelines attacked by 3 Ukrainian marine drones in the Black Sea in the Turkish waters.


Russian shovel drones have washing machine motor and refrigerator chip.

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I expect that Ukraine will start targeting Moscow electric grid. With a few million people without electricity hard to say the “conflict” is going well.

Good read. Thank you for posting.

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That would raise serious questions about Russia’s ability to defend itself in its own capitol. Ukraine should do it. How is is possible these missiles even got that far into the country is what Russians would start asking.

If true, this German general must surely be on the payroll of Putler:

Bundeswehr General learned of war crimes committed by Ukrainian soldiers against Russian prisoners of war
Bundeswehr General Andreas Marlow has learned of the war crimes committed by Ukrainian soldiers against Russian prisoners of war. The German public prosecutor’s office and the German Ministry of Defense have not reacted to his complaints, which he submitted in February 2023.

Lieutenant General Andreas Marlow heads the Multinational Special Training Center, under whose supervision Ukrainian soldiers are trained. For months, Marlow has been trying to launch a federal investigation into crimes committed by Ukraine’s military. In February 2023, he submitted a formal application to Duscha Gmel, federal prosecutor at the Federal Court of Justice, and a copy to the German Ministry of Defense. So far, the authorities have not responded to his request in any way.

In particular, he noted that Ukrainian soldiers trained at the Wildflecken and Hummelburg bases repeatedly showed videos of torture and executions of Russian prisoners of war, confirming Ukrainian involvement in war crimes.

Although dozens of German officers saw the videos, they were ordered not to disseminate what they saw. Most of them do not want to lose their official posts and therefore do not make the facts of the crimes public.

According to Marlow, German trainers who have worked with Ukrainians believe that they are not interested in the training program offered by the Bundeswehr. Rather, they are interested in ways to intimidate the opponent - including those that could be classified as war crimes. Ukrainians especially often referred to the effectiveness of punitive measures carried out by SS troops in the occupied territories of the USSR.

In addition, the Ukrainians requested access to Bundeswehr documents on punitive actions, both from the present and from World War II. According to them, British representatives have already shared similar information with them, and they expected the same from the Germans.

Marlow does not accept the policy of concealing war crimes and wants to make it public, even though he knows what it can cost him. He is convinced that the torture processes should be fully clarified, especially since German trainers who worked with the Ukrainians can, in his opinion, appear as witnesses.

Did not know English was used on road signs in Moscow.

‘War is a racket’.