Russia invades Ukraine: Specific Developments 2023

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The Russians admit 63 lost in this one strike

They’re like China with admitting COVID deaths.

If the Russians say it’s 63, you can bet it’s really in the high hundreds. Apparently it was a direct hit on an ammo depot (why that’s right next to the barracks… I have no idea).

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It was inside a school building occupied by Russian army, who gathered there en masse for New Year celebrations (mostly mobilized, a few high ranking officers there too). Shortly before midnight himars arrived and made big fireworks with the ammo depot being in the same place. The whole place got flattened.

Himars were decorated for the occasion

They put an ammo depo in a school building. OK. Perhaps a human shield strategy?

School building was used by Russian army. Schools near front lines do not operate.
Since those are quite roomy and empty, Russian army take it as free real estate to set up base.

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School might be a good spot to set up. Lots of space, cafeteria, clean and dry…

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A bunch of Russians partying in the New Year. Sending messages to their loved ones… Oops!

Reportedly most casualties are mobilized who just arrived in Ukraine. They were supposed to go to front lines shortly after. Now they are going home in body bags, if there is anything left to send back.

A deadly mixture of arrogance and incompetence.

That applies well to war.

The Russian military are proving particularly good at it. My guess here is loads of troops were sending messages.

They have been honing their “skills” for a long time.

“Hi mum, just arrived at Makiivka vocational school, don’t worry I’m not alone this new year, there are hundreds of us here. Its quite safe as lots of tanks and ammo around, we have good cell reception so I can call you at midnight for the count down”.


They wouldn’t need to type their location.

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They would to their mum :wink:

From the reports I see it was 00:01 when it hit, you can imagine them locked and loaded, waiting for the biggest concentration of messages to be sent.

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Tit for tat:

Except what they destroyed was an ice rink. Probably it wasn’t even retaliation, though I guess in the fevered minds of some attacks on civilian targets could be retaliation for attacks on military targets. More likely though it’s just the kind of shit they do every day as a matter of course.

100+ mercenaries?

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