Ruten tips?

I don’t know if this is in right forum, and I wanted to start a new thread rather than extending an old one. I successfully created a ruten account using my ARC. My Chinese is pretty good but I had two main questions:

  1. 2 of the items that interested me were sold by users who don’t seem to have logged on in many months. Is this pretty common? Is there much chance they’ll write me?
  2. Have you met face-to-face to buy on ruten? If not, what’s the best/safest way to send money and to receive your item? I’m looking at used musical instruments, so ideally I’d like to see them in person. In some cases I may also want to buy several items from a book store. For instance, one in Changhwa has mutes, mouthpieces, valve oil, etc. It looks like there are multiple options (7-11, post office), but I’ve just never done this before.
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I’m a regular seller/buyer on Ruten as I sell my company products on there…In regards to your questions:

  1. Yes, there is always a chance that they will write you back…just use the "問與答"section and ask whatever questions you may have regarding the product e.g: 請問有現貨嗎? If they don’t reply within 2 or 3 days, it probably means they have abandoned the account so just move on to another seller…Also, check when they have listed the product…a few weeks back, a few mths or 5 years back…Chances are they have already sold the products and didn’t delete the post.
  2. Yes, I met with a lot of buyers/sellers face to face…Just set up a time and place using the “問與答” or the new messenger thingy “露露通” and meet up with them. It’s advisable to meet at a public place like an MRT Station or Mall etc. The best/safest options to send money/pick up stuffs is through Convenience Stores (超商取貨付款) or using Door to door delivery Service (COD).

A few more pointers…when checking an item/seller, make sure he/she has a good rating on Ruten (評價) …and check what others have said about them…and check the item’s 問與答 section to see what others have asked about the item and how frequently the seller have answered them back.

Hope this helps…cheers!

Hmmm… does this mean that NOW they accept ARC numbers? because a classic complaint about ruten was that they only accepted “Taiwan ID numbers”…

Thanks to Springonion–this is a big help. I’m still learning how it is similar/dissimilar to ebay. It seems like Ruten doesn’t take a cut–am I right about that?

Jesus80, initially I looked and there were three 註冊 options: 一般,法人,海外. I think Yiban is for individuals, Faren is for companies, and Haiwai let’s you opt into being able to order outside of Taiwan. I wanted Yiban and there’s even a facebook integration. I tried to do that and it didn’t work. Finally I just went through and used ARC and I seem to be okay. There’s actually a little bubble about getting some other type of ID for foreigners, but it took ARC (I had to confirm on phone/email).

With Ruten, it also seems like the ebay default of paypal/home address/credit card isn’t easy for those of us without Taiwanese credit card, etc., but it does seem like I can do face-to-face, COD or 7/11 is good. I’d had a friend help me order COD before for an expensive item.

Hope this is of help to others!

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?___? that’s odd, it never accepted my ARC in the past when I tried to register. I think my starting letters in the ARC code are something like CB, do you have something similar in yours?

Mine starts AC. Maybe it’s the type of ARC?

Yes, it does take a cut but only from sellers & only AFTER completion of a sale (I think it’s 2% of listed price)

Ruten has now linked up with PCHomePay…so all sellers wanting to sell stuffs on Ruten now have to setup a PCHomePay account with them first before they can use the “超商取貨付款” services…It means when the buyers pay at 7-11 or Family Mart etc, then that money will go directly into your PCHomePay account…You can then use this account to transfer to your own bank account.

Good news everyone!

You don’t depend anymore on you gf/ef/friends for buying or selling stuff on Ruten. I successfully registered an account as a normal user. After you input user, password, ARC number and phone, you have to call a phone number that will appear on the screen. We called two or three times to two different numbers because we were a bit confused about the process, but I’m in now :smiley:


Congrats Jesus80!

I have good news too–one of the people I’d written to is willing to sell their musical instrument at a good price. S/he said they’re from Taoyuan and it’s in Changhwa. They look like they have a number of positive reviews and they’ve been trying to sell the instrument for a couple of years.

Perhaps foolishly, I introduced myself and gave a cell number. Part of the problem is I’d asked for a lower price (which they accepted) and I’m not sure when they can send the instrument. What do you all think is the optimal way to pay in this situation? Is COD possible? Do they have to list it at the lower price and then I click on buy? Still getting the hang of this.

Not the norm, but doesn’t harm your purchase if you introduce yourself. Just gives the seller all the reason not to sell to you at a lower price if they find out you are a foreigner. The common assumption is that foreigners make more, so they can afford to pay more.

COD works, but I personally don’t like the idea. I normally do bank wire transfers or the best best way is to meet and exchange. It kind of depends on the item, if it’s a clarinet and can be put into a box shipped via store to store, you can do COD or wire transfer. If it’s a an alto saxophone or bigger, I would suggest you meet. Shipping cost could be hefty for a large item.

They don’t have to lower the listing price for you to be able to buy. If you talked to them via PM and agreed on a price, that’s the price. It’s a lot of honor system, it somehow works, so you don’t have to worry too too much about them going back on their word. Even if they do, you have proof that you both agreed on the lower price.

That’s helpful. If it’s an individual, they can ship to bank or store?

It’s a trumpet, if that helps, so somewhat large. I’d had a smaller one shipped (a friend helped) and it was 300 for the shipping, so a little pricey but very quick and convenient.

The form of shipment is completely up to you. I personally would take some time to go out and pick it up or see it in person for an in person exchange, but everyone is different.

I’m not entirely sure if you can ship a trumpet (or a large parcel) via courier store to store, but you can ship to an address from the store. Just gotta fill out the slip.

Thanks, I’m hoping they’ll come to Taiwan at some point in the next week or two. I’ll see if it works out.

@springonion, I tried to write a comment in ruten and I was told that:

Sorry, you have not passed the certification and can not ask the seller questions. If you have any questions, please contact customer service center

Any idea?

@teach I wouldn’t buy a used trumpet or musical instrument without checking it first…

Yes, there are some verification process you have to complete in order to fully use Ruten’s services…If memory serves me correct, my company had to send it’s business registration, copy of owner’s ID card and bank account passbook to their head office in Taipei…For individuals, I think they will just require your ARC copy and/or bank passbook.

They also verify your Email, cell number etc…check the settings on your home page (the left hand side)…I’m sure there will be some link explaining how to go about completing the registration process. Also, I think you will need to setup the 2-step verification process (兩步驟驗證(個人安全電腦2.0)…all tools and settings should be on the left hand side column of your personal page.

My account was just the individual account, not a company one, but I think I had to do both email and phone. With one of them I had to type a code they sent me into a browser.

I’m working on my first order now. I set up the 7-11 I want it delivered too and we paid at the post office. Hopefully it will arrive pretty soon.

I haven’t heard back again from the musical instrument person. On that one I’m trying to decide between a cheap-o new instrument, a better used instrument, or e-bay.

These two don’t really go together.

You paid for the order, but the seller hasn’t gotten back to you?

Most of the time, unless it’s PChome express orders, takes about 2-3 days for delivery.

Sorry, that was confusing. It is indeed two things: (1) I did my first order ever with Ruten, for little musical supplies, via a company that has sold tens of thousands of items online. We don’t know how to do PChome orders yet, so I did the post office pay/7-11 delivery option.

(2) I’m also waiting on a person who is personally selling a musical instrument that’s with family in Changhwa. I have not formally bought/paid for this, because if I could buy it in person in Taipei that would be best.

I did both things. Well, a girl who works with me helped me with the phone call… although it was just a call and a voice saying “yeah, we got your call”. I just wrote them.

BTW, when I click on my nickname, I only see what is supposed to be my shop. No additional functions / profile info / settings… nothing.

I just tried to buy something and got this: