Ruten tips?


It says your membership haven’t been verified as yet…So I guess you need to send in your ARC copy or something for them to verify…ask a friend to call them up and ask what you need to do exactly to become a verified member.


Did you do the company account or the individual account? Mine was the 一般, regular one. You could retry with the regular account.


Alright. My account is a regular one. I tried to call that stupid number(s) many times, and everytime they “heard me”. However, there was probably something wrong with it. I updated my phone number and call them afterwards and now I’m verified. I also thought that when I received their email the first time and clicked somewhere, I got the email verified too. Nope.

Anyway, I’m in already. Awesome.


Awesome…BTW, my account name is u8688 …you can check out my marketplace and see if I have any stuffs that interests you (I sell mostly electronic components, ICs, used equipments etc)…



good try.

Well, I could check it.


Use Shopee like a civilized human.


How does one pay again in Shopee?


Can pay on demand, by credit card/debit or they have their own escrow service


Pretty much the same options as Ruten, it’s just that Shopee is a bit easier to open an account.


Well I still have to type in Chinese but I found a couple of rare magazines I really want, so I will try this weekend. Wish me luck.

But boy, if I could buy Ruten stuff, there would go my year end bonus.


I have found that Shopee is a good for looking up prices, but there’s still more things on Ruten.


why can’t you?


Shopee is a good place to buy cheap China stuffs…Wifey bought a lot of baby apparel & baby products there which were shipped directly from Shenzhen to a 7-11 here in Taiwan (took about a week to 10 days) …quality was pretty good too…there were also a few sellers who didn’t ship even after a mth of taking our order & confirming they had the products. Ruten, on the other hand, sells mostly Taiwan stuffs and as always, they ship on time & goods were of excellent quality.


Last time I tried, it was when they did not allow atoga to join.

Better this way, I would make a severe dent on my finances otherwise.


Atoga? dunno what that is. But as I said, I’m already in and I can buy and sell (supposedly).


We are atoga. GIRI!!!


AAAAaaaah, I see. But we can use ruten already. If you are concerned about you spending too much money, I can administrate it for you.


Here’s an easy solution…DONT CLICK THE “BUY NOW” BUTTON :wink:


But but they have a life size cardboad cutout of Takeshi…


Which you can combine with… another device from… another kind of shop…