Ruten tips?


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So, on Wednesday I placed my order for four little musical items (mutes, mouthpieces) from a large store. Thursday (yesterday) my spouse paid at the post office in the morning. I think with ebay or amazon I would have gotten a “your item has shipped.” I selected 7-11 for the pick-up. Did I have to do anything else? Enter the post office receipt info somewhere? I haven’t heard from the store itself although Ruten seems to say the order went through (pending payment, which I did). Probably I just wait at this point, right? Do you think I’ll hear from the store, or would 7-11 contact me, or would it come from Ruten? Thanks again!


You are thinking some kind of robotics, dear.


I’d like to respond you with an image but I would get banned forever.


Got to keep the expectations in check—for a minute there I was imagining it as some kind of mix of Amazon prime and ebay.


Yahoo does tell you when your payment is due/received/ and when your goods are sent/received.


I’m trying to register. It needs my phone number and a verification code from a text. No problem. Then it needs an account number - do I just use my email?
Password is no problem, and the captcha is no problem. I’m just wondering what they mean by ‘使用者帳號’.



I think the things I provided were: ARC#, user name (have to make up an original one), email, and phone number. And also the captcha and various authentifications. I forget the exact order and sequence.


There are 2 types of payment options if you choose 7-11 as your pickup option. First, you can opt for the pay when you collect your item (7-11取貨付款)or second, you can opt to pay first (bank/ATM transfer) and simply go to the 7-11 and collect your item by showing your ID (7-11取貨.
I’d assume you chose the 2nd option. After selecting this option, you will be directed to a page showing the seller’s bank account and you can make the transfer online using ruten’s built-in ATM transfer app. If you do not use this option and go make the transfer at an ATM machine or post office etc, then after making the payment, you need to inform the seller. You can do this by going into your “購買清單” page and clicking “通知已付款” and entering the date of your transaction and your account’s last 5 digits. You can also choose to directly message the seller using the messenger app


Thanks SpringOnion, you’re a lifesaver! I had indeed not notified the seller. I filled out the form with all the info (I hope correctly) and put every number I could find from the post office into the comments box, so hopefully the seller can match up who I am with what I bought.


Hey All, first successful ruten order arrived, and hopefully more are in my future. Now I have to find out how to leave positive feedback. Thanks to all of you for making it happen (especially springonion).


So now I’m working on a new instrument and this time I think the seller included shipping and I think I can pay at 7-11 (I selected the 7-11 and the cost is 6300 NT.) If I messed something up, either on how to pay, etc., is there anything I need to know about fixing it? Does this sound right? (I.e, able to pay at 7-11 after seller sends?)


Something has definitely changed on Ruten. With my ARC I was able to register and make an order which I received today. I’ve had the same ARC number for years and it never worked on Ruten, but I was able to register with no issues and my account is now usable.