Sababa Pita Bar

Sababa Pita Bar will be opening next Monday September 18.
I hope they do good business because I love pitas and falafels and hummus and all that yummy stuff.

The cook is the guitarist for Neon. Ya!

It’s along Alley 118 - a little alley that connects Heping E. Rd and Xin-Hai Rd.
The entrance to the alley is catty-cornered to Technology Building station, on the corner of Heping E. Rd. and Fuxing S. Rd.

Walk down Alley 118 until you get to lane 54. It’s a little place.



1F, No.8, Alley 54, Lane 118,
Sec.2, Heping E. Rd., Taipei.[/b]

The address is deceptive, because this little pita bar is actually in a lane off of an alley which is closer to Xin-Hai Rd. than it is to Heping.

Cool! That’s right in my neighborhood!

I believe the ownership of Citizen Cain is involved with this.
Should be good food. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. I haven’t had a bite in days.

They’re hoping to open this Wednesday (20 September).

Went here tonight for the opening and the food is fabulous! Better than I dared hope.

The Humus Ful is excellent and the Chicken Souvlaki is outstanding. The Humus is a bit spicey and it comes with pita bread and beans. Did I say that the Chicken Souvlaki is delicious? It is. The Falafel is good, too… but I liked the Chicken Souvlaki better.

Very tastefully done decor, also. Very cozy and comfortable.

The owner/manager is a really nice guy and was friendly and helpful with suggestions.

Can’t wait to get hungry and go back again.

How were the prices ?

Tonight, they were excellent…FREE :slight_smile:
I just got back and as T-man says, all the food was great.
Fresh veggies, good meat, and spicy yet tangy sauces.
Prices are el cheapo ranging from 58 to 138nt IIRC. Most food items were 88 or 138nt.
It’s targeting students and the takeout crowd, although the interior is much bigger than I expected. Could fit at least 20 seated in there. It was packed with people standing tonight. All foreigners, many of them Citizen Cain regulars I suspect. In any event, it’s well worth checking out. I’ll be back for sure.

Yes, the prices are very reasonable… each of the three pita sandwiches (Falafel, Sabich and Chicken Souvlaki) are only NT$ 88…

The platters (Hummus Ful, Eggplant Salat, Iranian Chicken and Plata Sababa) are each NT$ 138

Check this place out.

Josefus, sorry I missed you!

They also have sangria. YUM! If I remember correctly, the sangria price is the same as the falafel: 88 NT. Lots of cinnamon.

I had their Iranian chicken plate and a falafel pita to go. They were both delicious!

Didn’t see you guys there, Tigerman and Josefussball. I left early to go swing dancing at Escape.

And I mention that because I was talking to the owner of Sababa and he said that they are considering opening up another Sababa at Escape, which is about the same size - the first floor of Escape is the same size as Sababa, that is. Dancing is in the basement. And that would be very very cool, because Escape needs sangria and hummus!

Ha, I walk out my door, walk 5 meters to the left and there they are… real estate prices in the area have gone up and the whole area smiles at you now… definitely a must to go there and try it out… honest and healthy food… Tomer & Greg, go for it…!!! CONGRATS

Sababa now offers hummus to go. A handful container for 188 NT. It contains about 5 servings, but I just eat it all up! Great for taking to the movies. Screw popcorn!

This place sounded so good, so I dragged ratlung down there today (sunday) and we got there right at noon, but they were taking a lunch break or something. The place looked closed. what a dissapointment! I ended up eating at some other place called California Garlic and the place looked really disgusting.

Yeah, I actually went there today too and ran into the chef right around the corner.
He told me they are closed on Sundays.

I went by sababa today, too. They were closed.
Wonder if they’ll be open tomorrow…

So, does anyone know the opening hours for this place? Is it open for lunch? Dinner only?

I’d like to give this place a try, but I don’t want to make a trip there only to find it closed.


Its usually open for lunch and then all the way until 9:30 pm or thereabouts. I guess its closed on Sundays.

Give them a call before you go to make certain: 2738-7769

Thanks, Tigerman.

I’ll probably be making a trip over on Monday or Tuesday for an early dinner.

I’ve only had real mid-Eastern food a few times and the best until yesterday was a Tunisian place in Corsica.
Sababa has something I’ve never encountered in Taiwan – a menu on which I can honestly say I would like to try EVERYTHING! And until yesterday I thought I didn’t like eggplant.
I had some Moroccan beef on a bed of hummus with pita, along with an Egyptian “cigar” – basically a spring roll stuffed with herbed cheese and deepfried. The beef and hummus was outstanding, the beef with a rich, deep spiciness, complemented perfectly with the lightness of the hummus.
Jojo had a Lebanese chicken dish that was every bit as good, and Tomer very kindly gave us a plate of his home-made cheese – a light, soft cheese that I think is yoghurt-based – completely delicious and topped with a blob of eggplant (which I thought I didn’t like. I was wrong, I just never had it prepared properly before).

Everything – pita, hummus, tahini, etc., is prepared from scratch and tastes like it.

Accompanied by a bottled San Mig and a complementary glass of lovely sangria – another beverage I thought I didn’t like – and finished with some industrial-strength coffee with half a dozen green cardomom pods in it, it really was marvellous food in a very nice, homely-yet-stylish setting.
Total bill of NT$666 was quite simply outstanding value for money, I thought, and the staff are just lovely.
Thank you Tomer, for giving my wife such a wonderful birthday lunch!

And I have my feelers out for a wholesaler who can supply bulgur for that all-important tabbouleh!

Sababa definitely has the sandman five forks.
:hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry:

Yesterday I did. :laughing:

Everything but two items I think and all were great. The chicken dishes are the standouts for me as the chicken is very juicy and tender. And the soft cheese and eggplant dish that sandman mentioned is outstanding! yum. As others have said the quality of the ingredients is exceptional. Wonderful to have the taste buds stimulated by new sensations. Friendly service also gets big points.

Make sure that they make the tahini chili sauce for you to go with your order. double yum.

I took my order to go and it fed four adults with leftovers for today. Dummy me I can’t go into detail as my order was a takeout and I don’t know what came with which dish. But let me say there were so many cartons that they didn’t all fit on the table. Next time I will dine at the restaurant.

The total was NTD$9**. Quite a bargain. I wish they had opened at the start of the summer as takeout from Sababa would make an excellent picnic.

Tomer, Thank you for starting this (ad)venture. I applaud you and your team and wish you success. :bravo: