Safety for women in Taiwan

A huge fail in the system…to say the least.

She went to the cops at least 4 times. The man grabbed her boobs in her workplace in front of witnesses and still was free to plan her demise. Obsessed with her, he borrowed a car, took out the GPS, and followed her…


Stalking is poorly handled nearly everywhere. Little is ever done until it’s too late.

They say the most dangerous time with a controlling male is when he’s about to lose that control. Perhaps the sexual harassment charges were the trigger. Basically, the legal systems in almost every country don’t offer protection to people who are victims of stalking/obsession.

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Victim blaming? That sounds like the old wives tale of don’t fight your rapist, just let him be.

The family knew he had mental problems, that is why they sent him to live elsewhere alone.

Indeed, the problem of harassment just escalates into murder if nothing is done by the authorities. The guy just kept coming and coming. He should have been interned for his own safety and others after being given a psychiatric evaluation. Yet the cops just let him be because they are not trained for this and there are not enough women on the force to enforce changes. There is no law to protect the stalked and in some way the stalker too.

The SEA student that was killed a few months ago was an example. The killer had been stalking students in the area, one had denounced him and the cops knew what he was doing. The chief of police resigned after the murder.

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What “victim blaming” are you referring to?


Problem is police aren’t mental health professionals. They can only intervene when a crime occurred. If you make “pre crime” laws then they will almost always be abused.

Problems like these need to be handled by social workers. Problem with america at least is everything is handled by the police. When you are a hammer, everything looks like nails.

And most societies do not want to talk about mental health issues. They rather put them away somewhere.


Saying that he was triggered by her putting a legal fight.

These kind of cases can be fought by a comprehensive legal system where cops, lawyers, social workers, and psychologists work together. Cops are needed to restrain dangerous individuals who threaten repeatedly other people’s lives. But that is just step one.

What happened here is some overburdened officials could not handle so many hats at the same time. Not their fault, they do not have the legal support in order to perform their duties and the current span of their duties does not fit society’s needs. They can’t do more.

I had a feeling that was what you were referring to. My criticism of failings in the legal process becomes perceived as a criticism of the victim.

I can assure you that I was not blaming the victim in any way. Here, I’ll reword it to make it clearer:

Perhaps the sexual harassment charges were the trigger, because the legal systems in almost every country don’t offer protection to people who are victims of stalking/obsession.