Salaries of technical writer in Taiwan


I’m not sure of this is the right forum to post this question, but does anybody know how much a software technical writer make each month in Taiwan?

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What I hear: NT$60k up plus bonuses.

I think there used to be a discussion about this in another forum. Try to look ofr that thread and get it bumped - that should get the technical writer crowd fired up.

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I have heard of salaries as low as NT$40K/month but most fall in the range of NT$50K/month to NT$65K/month. Only those with a lot of experience make a little more. By the way, this includes 13 months pay at least with usually an extra month or two bonus on top.

Thirteen months?? Does this mean the annual is actually 13 * (monthly), plus perhaps 2 * (monthly) as a bonus on top?? So, as much as, say, NT$900,000 per year, then?

How many hours per day (and days per week) do employers expect for that?? It doesn’t sound too bad!