San Francisco is worse than the third world in some places

Seems the Democrats have succeeded in turning what was once a nice city into a third world slum


Thanks for sharing.

I found people making fun of this tweet, but I wasn’t aware of the context;

now I understand. Lol.

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What is it with white people and their strange aversion to shit!?!


If you cannot walk outside and step on human feces… why even live?


Here’s your chance. Start with 20 pounds of poop for use outside your front door.

“The plastic-wrapped poop was the latest in a string of crappy complaints, which have spiked over the past decade.”

Why do people complain about it? It’s 100% natural & organic.

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I have no idea what any of you are talking about. Sometimes it’s so nice being an expat (obvious at least some parts of America are going to shit). Well, we’ll always have '69.

Same thing happening to Seattle and Portland.
Huge growth in homeless camps downtown, along bike trails, etc.

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My Dad talked up how great San Fran was in the 70s. We’re an East Coast family, but he had worked there for 6 months. Finally going there in 2011, I can only assume it had changed a lot, because it was almost unbearable to walk through. Homeless people and scam-artist buskers harassing you on every street corner. Couldn’t wait to leave.

Good food, though!

Are we seriously still using that awful “third world” label?
Step into the 90s, man.

Anyways, if you’re going to go that way, the preferred nomenclature, as outlined by Saint Cheeto Jesus himself, is “shithole countries”.


I don’t think San Francisco can be considered a country, though. No arguing about the shithole, considering the topic!

The Democrats? Blame Tech companies! They made San Francisco into what it now is, extremely expensive and people getting kicked out their homes because they can’t afford rent.


Seems to me San Franciso is missing public toilets and needle exchanges, that 30 million would go a long way to fixing that.

I think the Romans had public toilets 2000 years ago…

Not to mention a “C”…

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Residents rarely go downtown unless they work there.

SF has many nice areas to live in.

Marina and pacific heights, noe valley

Sunset is middle class and nice

Having lived in SF for years I now prefer Walnut Creek area and Berkeley

Now I think SF can be nice to visit but I don’t prefer to live there.

What is South San Francisco like? Gritty-ish working class neighborhood?

South SF is where SFO is. Many people who work in the city of SF or points south live there. It’s kind of spread out.

A lot of nice homes around,

I lived in that area a couple of years.

You are very close to SF as well as the coast and highway 1.

When I lived there I often went to Pacifica and half moon bay and even Monterey.

Now I’m in concord area I more rarely go down there as it’s an hours drive from here to Pacifica at least.

So south SF otherewise called South city is not bad

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They have that.