Scooter Accident

I got involved in a scooter accident. I was going straight on the scooter/bike lane suddenly someone from the left (fast lane) side of the same lane suddenly make a right turn and invaded my lane I started braking, and unfortunately, I hit him (basically a right hook crash but scooter with scooter). he use the blinker but after he started to turn right (typical Taiwanese)

It’s clear the driver hit me by coming into my lane.

after all of that, i tried to contact this person but his elder brother pick up and told me that he will represent his lil brother I have tried asking for this lil brother’s line id but he refuse to do so.

then he instantly told me to pay for his damage but I refuse, I told him to wait for the accident report. but at that time I head back to my home country for 1 month so I can’t apply for that accident report (I did not tell him i won’t be in Taiwan for 1 month)

after 1 month I applied for that report but had to wait for quite some time for the report to be printed out, so the report is out and my name is at the bottom of that report (shown in pic) I have a Taiwanese friend told me that if my name is in the top of the paper that means I’m in the wrong and the opposite if my name is in the bottom of the paper

after that I contacted him telling him I will pay up if he pays mine too he agreed, but after I send him my total he ghosted me

My scooter is all but totaled. Going to cost 26,000 NTD to fix.
misc items that got damaged with total costing over 30,000NTD to fix
his scooter going to cost about 17,000NTD to fix

I have offered him 7:3 in which I pay 30% of his total and he pays me 70% of my total.

and I have been trying to contact this person by line but he never responded to my message, he ghosted me

the accident has been going on for almost half a year now with slow progress cuz that bastard didn’t care shit and ghosted me

so any advice on how to deal with this??

My first advice is to remove your name and personal info when posting anything about this online.
You can describe the accident and actions without getting specific. That’s for your own good.

My second advice is to get a Taiwanese friend to translate or explain to you exactly what the report says, so you know where each party stands on this case. “Your name is on the bottom of the page, so you’re the victim” is not enough, and most certainly untrue. A report usually states what happened, it don’t assign reasonability of the accident to any party. A judge would do that, but you haven’t gone to court (yet).

My third advice is to lawyer up. The older brother has no legal stand to answer for his little brother and you probably won’t see a shadow of this money is you don’t get a lawyer involved.


Question is, with the amount of money at stake, does the cost of hiring a lawyer justified?


I assume if there is a police report, then you took down the other party’s license number and insurance information?

Usually after an accident, you don’t have to talk to the other party directly. Call your insurance company to open a claim. Give them the other driver’s name, license number, insurance company, and contact info. They will contact the other party or their insurance company in your behalf. If they still don’t reply, then your insurance company has ways to threaten legal action/police action.

BTW this is 100% the other person’s fault, especially if you hit them on the front 3/4 of their right side.

I just went ahead and deleted the photos to be safe

Why are you making offers?

Then that will play into your favour… Keep messages and screenshots.

Did you have insurance? The insurance company can attended “mediation” for you. It looks like you may be able to claim 100%.

Don’t believe the bullshit that it’s always split. Many on here don’t know what they are talking about.

Also were you injured? You must’ve been pretty badly injured if your scooter was totalled and had 30,000NTD worth of damages


That is if OP has additional insurance or if the other party claims bodily injuries medical expenses. Basic insurance will not pay for property damages.
But it still advisable to contact them. Insurance will list things that they will pay.

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Taiwanese vs. Taiwanese lawsuits are dicy. Good luck in your endeavours, and please update. Curious how this will turn out.

You can stop talking to them. You should also not propose to pay anything in messages. That might be hurting your case, if there is not much other evidence.

Just go to police with your report and ask them to schedule a mediation meeting. You can also request the video from intersection camera, if there is one.

There will be three mediation meetings with officials where you and the other party will try to come to an agreement on compensation. If you do not agree, then it will go to court and the judge will decide who has how much fault and who has to pay how much.

Collect all your bills and evidence of your expenses.


Basic insurance absolutely pays for the property damages of the other party, if you are at fault.

In this case, the insurance company of the other party (the one at fault) should pay the property damages caused to the OP.

Compulsory insurance only pays for third party injury related expenses, such as other drivers, passengers, your passenger, and/or pedestrians. To clarify, your vehicle’s damage, your bodily injury, and others’ property damages are not included in the coverage of compulsory insurance. Although compulsory insurance provides people with basic protection, sometimes it’s not enough for every accident. If the injured parties claim above the limit of any insurance policy, the owner is on the hook to cover any differences!

By basic insurance I meant the compulsory insurance.
Additionally if the medical cost are above the limit, you are on the hook for that! (e.g. you cause an accident and a bus full of passenger crashes)

That is why many have extra insurance for additional coverage.


Well that’s kind of scary. What if a poor person hits you and can’t afford to pay you for the damages caused to your vehicle? Are you just out of luck then?

Insurance that covers vehicle damage to the other driver should be compulsory.

You can start a go fund me.

With a monthly salary of 35,000 Taiwan dollars ($1,136), it would take Mr Lin 28 years to pay the full cost of the repairs. His family’s vehicle insurance policy only covers injuries not damages.

This is not the case in Taiwan. Many only find out after their first accident.


Yes but insurance will offer help mediating still and will often send a rep.

Not compulsory in most of the world. That’s what the court system and personal car insurance is for

Another reason for me to stick with public transit and YouBikes.

YouBike insurance also only covers personal injuries. It is just as easy to be involved in an accident. YouBike will claim the bike damage from the person who caused the accident. The other party can still claim their property damages from person on YouBike.

The insurance program covers maximum compensation of NT$1 million (US$32,800) in the event of death or significant injuries to YouBike riders and up to NT$1,000 a day if hospitalization is necessary.

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I wonder how much a ubike costs ? Like if you broke a wheel say, by riding into a tree by accident. And how do they know who broke the bike ? CCTV?

They know who rented the bike last and starting and end station. So some CCTV might show you pushing the damaged bike to the docking station.
They will find the damaged bike on one of their routine inspections. Your personal information is linked to your account.

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I wonder what happens in the case of a punctured tire ?