Scooter accidents (2021 edition)

I’m not denying that any of these are problems. But these loaded topics go out of their way to paint Taiwan as if other countries do not experience their own similar yet different problems.

I did not say that.

But selfish thinking is a worldwide epidemic in a variety of situations all over society. This is the issue. We paint Taiwan as a place where the problems only exist here. We paint our countries as infalliable for having the same or similar problems.

Is a topic solely about listing scooter collisions that happen in Taiwan REALLY necessary?

Should I open a topic about the daily collisions that happen in Canada? Point to people who crashed and say ‘look! Look! Look at the Canadians! They crashed! Those Canadians have so many problems that we need to nitpick about. Canadians can’t anticipate Winter driving in November, how undeveloped, look at Toronto grind to a halt in collisions when it snows, how can they not anticipate it? How undeveloped, lingering third worldism etc…’

Almost ANY problem here. I can find a Canadian equivalent. I maybe see one collision every few months. Anecdotally, the same as when I was in Canada. I saw one yesterday morning. I didn’t say anything about it because it’s a collision. Whooo Carrress… The fact that people start a topic to list off collisions that happen here is either trying to paint Taiwan in an unnecessarily bad light or has morbid curiosity. We see a collision. Then what? We gonna help them or just take a photo to post here saying how bad everything is?

Taiwan’s not special. We just want to treat it like a zoo.

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That what happens when you visit the monkey farm.

I get your points and agree. Except this is taiwan and a forum about taiwan so would be silly talking too much about canada aside from the fact youre from there and see differences

But yes, i do actually think taiwan is extra special in lacking spacial awareness, no matter how we swing it. Change starts with discussion. Threads like this are probably more useful to vent. Who knows, maybe someone above venting didnt kill someobe in a road rage incident haha. But ya, is this thread necessary? No. Most threads on every forum are not very useful. 99.9% of facebook isnt necessary. but here we are :slight_smile:

Think of what you guys are doing as therapy for frustrated folks.


How would one go about that task?

I imagine the egregiously reckless scooter drivers and others involved in accidents here are unlikely to thoughtfully consult this thread, quietly reflect on their bad behavior, and steadily change their ways. :upside_down_face:



That’s what I want to know. I’ve found it for most of Europe, America and Australia. But I can’t find it for Taiwan.