Scooter accidents (2021 edition)

I keep seeing them, at least once a week. Just saw some scooter with kids on it hit a turning truck. Kids crying but doesn’t look like anyone died.

What is it with scooters? Is it the truckers fault or is it scooters keep wanting to play chicken?


Its not the scooter or the truck. Its people never paying attention to their surroundings.

A fun excercise. Watch scooters enter a road or intersection and pay attention to their head and eye movements. Or lack thereof. An alarmingly large percentage dont even check left and right before entering. It makes the nationality seem a bit short bus…and unfortunately it kinda is. Hence why vehicle camera sales are gonna be safe through even the worst of recessions.

Spacial awareness is a huge fail for taiwanese. Like, REALLY huge! I love taiwan to death, but this constant nagging and lack of (logic) instruction towards kids is getting many people killed on the daily as they grow up ignoring everything. Perhaps time to reflect and evolve.

I am worried everytime , loved one goes out on the road. Half the time cause someone will hit them, half the time cause i know they dont check shit before just going forward.


There are already more than a few threads about this. Here are some of the many that focus on scooters - and of course there are dozens of other threads complaining about driving in general:


Kinda goes to show, eh?


Banning scooters is just going to make traffic much worse if everyone just drove cars instead.

We just need to make sure scooter drivers have more awareness and not drive so fast.

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I saw a scooter accident just two days ago by my house. Woman was alive, but sitting in the street crying hysterically. Side of her face was bloodied road pizza.

It’s a huge fail for the Chinese too. They keep wandering into Taiwan’s private air space! (I wonder if anyone has told them?)


The laws exist. The enforcement of laws does not exist.

Enforce the current laws and the issue goes away.

It’s so easy


This is exactly right. With almost everything in taiwan, not just traffic issues. Politicians like to knee jerk too much to appease the sheep. Its a given it will fail long term.

@Taiwan_Luthiers i dont think anyone is talking about banning scooters. Just that morons should be banned from operating them. The issue is so bad in taiwan, i sometimes wonder if alcohol would actually improve driving skill.

Thats sarcasm.


Saw a guy crash by himself while riding his scooter on the sidewalk. Scooter went into the road and he was sitting on his ass on the sidewalk wondering what went wrong.

Heard a Mercedes Benz hammer into a scooter from behind with two women on it. They seemed alright. Accident was in the far right lane so not sure how it happened exactly.

The most annoying thing is at night when scooters and cars put their brights on permanently. Every time I drive at night this happens without fail.


I’ve seen ambulances come and pick up kids on stretchers numerous times. At least twice i’ve seen people not moving at all, i have lived on busy roads however i’ve seen it in every place i’ve lived in taiwan.

People always try to go late on the lights, pull out without looking ect so it’s no surprise. Driving with some consideration for others would go a long way.


I usually flash my highbeems at them in case they didn’t realize they had theirs on. But they probably have no idea what that means.


You also have some youngsters in modified scooters with VERY BRIGHT headlights. Like they wanted to blind all oncoming drivers. As in bright as the sun.

Many times they are using those modified HID headlights they buy aftermarket. The issue is that the headlight housing is not focused for a HID bulb so the light scatter goes everywhere blinding everyone.

Makes me wonder why my neighbor don’t make headlight housing designed for HID lights.

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And the opposite, some have a red headlight because it looks good! Idiots.

I seen cars/scooters with flashing white/red/blue lights too. Why they never get pulled over is beyond me.

I can’t believe that is legal. Fucking idiots.

Who the fuck wants to pull over the ice cream truck killer?

Or they wire in police sirens.